Our purpose

Working to achieve safer, cleaner, more accessible and more efficient mobility is the backbone of Michelin’s purpose.

About us

Discover the Group’s many different facets - sustainable mobility, innovation, travel support, restaurant booking - at a glance.

Our commitments

A COP partner, Michelin advocates and contributes to achieving the decarbonization goals for the transport sector laid down in the Paris agreements.

Our social footprint

Our sponsorship and corporate philanthropy initiatives spring from a desire to encourage people-centered projects and respect for others wherever we are.

Our governance

Michelin Governance is founded on a stable, reliable and responsible management which upholds shareholders’ rights, is guided by a strong sense of duty and is capable of taking the long-term view in strategic decision-making.

Who are us?

Because we believe that mobility is essential for human development, we are passionately innovating to
make it safer, more effi cient and more environmentally friendly.

  • 10 key dates of Michelin

  • Michelin et Cie

    Edouard Michelin took over the company, which was renamed “Michelin et Cie”.

  • L'Eclair

    Michelin introduced L’Éclair - the first car to “run on air” - in order to compete in the Paris-Bordeaux-Paris race.

  • A star was born: the Michelin Man

    Michelin adopted an original style of communication based on a man made from a stack of tires.

  • The first MICHELIN Guide was published

    The 1900 Red Guide.

  • The first MICHELIN road map went on sale

    It was a prototype map of Clermont Ferrand and its surroundings.

  • A car for everyone

    Michelin commissioned a market survey entitled “The National People’s Automobile Survey” The aim was to collect data on consumer needs to draw up a design brief for a new, more versatile and, above all, more affordable automobile. The result was the Citroën 2 CV.

  • The radial tire

    Michelin filed a patent for the revolutionary “radial” tire

  • The low rolling resistance tire

    Michelin launched the first low rolling resistance tire, the forerunner to the MICHELIN EnergyTM range released in 1994.

  • A corporate tagline

    Michelin adopted a global corporate tagline illustrating its pledge to achieve better, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly mobility: “Michelin: a better way forward”.

  • Movin’on by Michelin

    Michelin organized the first global Sustainable Mobility Summit in Montreal. Michelin showcased a revolutionary prototype of its Vision Concept tire.

  • Uptis: A major advancement toward achieving Michelin’s VISION concept

    Presented during the 2019 edition of Movin’On in June, in partnership with General Motors, the MICHELIN Uptis prototype (or ‘Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System) is a major advancement toward achieving Michelin’s VISION concept. Because Uptis is airless, the breakthrough wheel assembly eliminates the dangerous risk of flat tires.

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