Changing routines at production sites

The arrival of digital technologies and the ability to collect new data are now enabling us to explore new avenues of progress that create value.


The use of augmented reality for example, cobotics (human-machine cooperation), chatterbots (dialogue interfaces by voice), artificial intelligence, or connected objects, have already begun to generate progress.


The gains are multiple and convincing: more interest at work, more performance, less stress, less paper in maintenance follow-ups, etc.

Since 2014, the group, Michelin has the desire to integrate new digital technologies into its production system Michelin Manufacturing Way.


More than 60 demonstrators worldwide

Implementation of cameras for remote experts in our factories, contribution of Big Data, improvement of the production flow thanks to the modeling, improvement of the decision making by the simulation of events, development and update of tools of planning and supply or tools for daily performance management, the Group today launched more than 60 "demonstrators" around the world, committed to the digital transformation of our factories and our production processes or Digital Manufacturing .


Towards digital manufacturing Michelin

Michelin's Digital Manufacturing Roadmap is the result of the different feedbacks from the demonstrators. It revolves around several axes and professions, in particular those of:

  • Maintenance (conditional and predictive)
  • Quality (analyzing the causes of breakdowns and applying predictive maintenance)
  • Supply chain (connecting flows, particularly for better control of scheduling)
  • People (augmented reality)
  • Day-to-day performance management

The digital transformation of the Michelin industry

Developing human-machine interaction

To accompany it on the path of Digital Manufacturing, the Group is also involved in setting up an entire ecosystem around human-machine dialogue.


This includes a strong commitment within Factolab, a joint "public-private" laboratory bringing together Michelin and 3 academic institutes in the Clermont-Ferrand region (Pascal Institute, Lapsco and Limos) to promote human-machine cooperation. "


Among the experiments include the use of bracelets connected to allow operators to control their machine from their wrist, reducing the stress of operators.

Photo FactoLAB4
“You always have to be on the alert with the machines. With the bracelet I can really concentrate on my work instead of always keeping an eye on them.”
Alexis Reggidori, BNS Auto operator, Cholet plant

Inventing the plants of the future to benefit humanity

Speed ​​gains in execution, anticipation of breakdowns or hazards, generate as much performance as progress for men: better ergonomics of workstations, increased operator autonomy, less stress, less paper, less waiting, fewer tedious tasks to focus on higher value-added operations.


At Michelin, we are convinced that the teams at our factories are in the best position to define and choose the technologies most appropriate to their needs. They are the ones who are inventing the factory of tomorrow.


Go further

The Michelin Corporate Foundation has launched with Safran ESCP Europe "A Factory for the Future." This Chair aims to analyze the impacts of digitalization on production teams and to identify the best managerial practices to be implemented in the plants of tomorrow.

The Chair "A Factory for the Future" gives students the means to carry out research on a question that concerns not only the industrial sector, but society as a whole: better understanding the consequences of the digital revolution on factory work to better support people, especially production operators, in this transformation already in place.
Philippe Legrez, Executive Director of the Michelin Corporate Foundation

The Michelin Manufacturing Way

For the past 15 years, we have introduced a unique production management method in all Group factories: the Michelin Manufacturing Way (MMW).


MMW brings together all the best practices from our sites around the world: the most effective tools and ways of doing things, the skills and behaviors that have generated real accelerations of progress.

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