Governance: a factor of progress

Governance of a sustainable development approach has been reorganized in order to increase its integration and efficiency at all levels and in all jobs. The goal is for Michelin to become a company that is successful in exercise of all its responsibilities.

The Executive Committee’s Sustainable Development and Mobility sessions

Twice a year, the Group Executive Committee, the Purchasing Director and the Legal Director meet during sessions dedicated to sustainable development and mobility (SDM). Led by the Sustainable Development Director, these sessions ensure the good progress of the 2020 Ambitions and validate the strategic orientations of the Environment, Ethics, Human Rights and Sustainable Mobility committees.


The Sustainable development and Mobility network

The DMD network is made up of DMD correspondents in the main regions of the world. It guarantees the promotion of sustainable development on a daily basis locally, reports on the implementation of objectives defined by the strategic committees and drives local initiatives. The progress of the action programs and their results are constantly evaluated.

Committed Employees

Awareness and employee involvement actions are initiated so that each of them becomes an actor and an advocate for sustainable development within the company. For example, they are encouraged to share their progress ideas on sustainable development for their working environment.

Key figures

Supervisory Board


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