Governance, an important factor in progress

The sustainable development governance system has been reorganized to make it more efficient and to integrate it more effectively at every level and in all of the Group's businesses. The goal is to make Michelin a top-performing company that fulfills all of its responsibilities.

The MPR Council

The Michelin Performance and Responsibility (MPR) Council, chaired by Jean-Dominique Senard, is made up of the entire Group Executive Committee along with the chief procurement officer and the industrial director. The Council defines the strategic objectives for sustainable development.
The Operations Committee guides the achievement of these objectives. More specifically, it works with the MPR team to ensure satisfactory progress on the Ambitions for 2020 in all departments.

The MPR network

The MPR network is made up of the MPR correspondents in the main countries. It promotes sustainable development locally on a day-to-day basis, reports on how the objectives set by the MPR Council are acted upon, and manages local initiatives.
Progress on the action plans and their outcomes are assessed on an ongoing basis.

Committed employees

Steps are taken to raise employees' awareness and encourage them to get involved, so that each and every one of them becomes an actor and advocate of sustainable development in the company. For example, they are encouraged to put forward ideas for boosting sustainable development in their work environment.

Key figures

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