A long-standing commitment

Michelin's chosen mission is to contribute to progress in mobility. It has opted to do this through innovation and quality, grounding its development in the core values of respect for customers, people, shareholders and the environment and facts.

Michelin Performance and Responsibility

The Michelin Performance and Responsibility (MPR) approach was launched in 2002 at the initiative of the company's Managing Partners, Édouard Michelin and René Zingraff.  An initial diagnosis had shown that, in order to fully respect the Group's values, they needed to define specific improvement points to either rectify certain weaknesses or, on the contrary, stand firm on strengths. Twelve specific focus areas were defined: 

  • 1. The responsible performance of our products and services
  • 2. The environmental impact of tire use
  • 3. The recovery, reuse and disposal of end-of-life tires
  • 4. The environmental management of our sites
  • 5. Quality of working life on our sites
  • 6. Diversity within our teams
  • 7. Community relations
  • 8. Corporate risk management
  • 9. Our contribution to sustainable mobility
  • 10. Purchasing relations
  • 11. CO2 emissions from our Logistics operations
  • 12. Ethics and human rights

2013 - 2020: Six ambitions to drive the company forward

The tenth anniversary of the Michelin Performance and Responsibility (MPR) approach was a prime opportunity to gauge its effectiveness. Tremendous progress has been made in the 12 key focus areas. For instance, social dialog has been reinvigorated, Michelin has become the recognized leader in energy-efficient tires and the 100% Health & Safety approach has improved workplace safety.

In 2013, the MPR approach gained fresh momentum when the Six Sustainable Development Ambitions for 2020 were created and rolled out across the entire Group. The aim is now to ensure that sustainable development, in all of its dimensions, is a core focus of Michelin's strategy.

Meeting the new mobility challenges

Michelin Performance and Responsibility (MPR) sets out the Michelin Group's strategy for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Michelin's technological leadership leads the entire Group to tackle the new challenges of mobility. By innovating and developing new skills and even new organizations, Michelin intends to make a responsible contribution to progress in mobility and anticipate its major developments.

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