Improving road safety for everyone

Michelin is a major operator in road safety all over the world. Our involvement is expressed through a wide range of initiatives. The group is reinforcing its actions to continue to save even more lives.

A member of the Global Road Safety Partnership Executive Committee, a key organization in road safety, we also contribute to the FIA’s Action for Road Safety program which has supported 236 initiatives to improve road safety in over 70 countries over the last 5 years.


The challenge of making our roads safe

The first cause of death amongst young people, every year traffic kills 1.2 million people and injures 50 million. Governments, international organizations and companies must double their efforts to improve safety for all road users, raise their awareness and educate them.

As early as 1911, the Michelin group supported road safety by supplying local authorities with the first accident prevention panels. Faithful to this historic and continuous commitment, we are structuring our actions around three themes:

  • An internal progress plan. Employee road safety is a primary concern: traveling sales teams, shipped goods and the work-home commute all expose people to road risks throughout the world.
  • External prevention programs. Michelin is launching external awareness programs For example, we are involved in training school bus drivers in Turkey and Indonesia. In Thailand, teams handed out helmets in Bangkok for people on bicycles and motorbikes and also Road Safety Day operations for families with a focus on children in particular. Consolidating its expertise in actions targeting younger people, the Group uses a method which guarantees the effectiveness of these awareness programs and their positive impact on road risks.
  • Institutional collaboration for actions organized by the UN. We are continuing our institutional collaboration through participation at an inter-ministerial conference in Brasília (November 2015), an event for all involved with Road Safety half-way through the Decade of Action. Member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) and committed partner to the Global Road Safety Partnership and YOURS, we are concentrating our actions on sharing experiences and identifying levers that companies have to reinforce Road Safety.

Awareness-building campaigns

A signatory of the European Road Safety Charter since 2004, Michelin supports road safety by running awareness and education campaigns on road safety with road users. Around fifteen European, African, American and Asian countries have, to date, been targeted. Over the last few years, we have launched significant actions in Brazil, the United States, China and several Southeast Asian countries, particularly targeting young and new drivers.

The Group works directly or in collaboration with international organizations.

Map of Michelin prevention initiatives in developed and developing countries.

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