Involvement grounded in respect for ethics

As part of its commitment to following the rules of ethics and combating corruption, Michelin regularly informs and trains its people at every level. These guiding principles are set out in the Group's Code of Ethics.

Everyone has a role to play in upholding the Group's integrity

The Group pays particular attention to the risk of ethics violations. Michelin expects every employee to consistently act with integrity and to respect the internal and external standards that have underpinned our corporate culture for over a century. Any conduct that runs counter to these values would lay Michelin open to the risk of a violation of ethics that could jeopardize the Group's integrity.

Training and whistleblowing procedures

The Group has set up two concurrent initiatives:

  • Information and training sessions are organized (on-site and/or online, depending on the country) to instill the Code of Ethics' principles in every employee's mindset.
  • Whistleblowing procedures enable employees to anonymously and securely report potential violations of the Code of Ethics or the Michelin Performance and Responsibility Charter.

A Group Ethics Committee meets three or four times a year under the responsibility of the Director of Geographic Zones. It comprises the Heads of the Legal Affairs, Finance, Personnel, Safety and Security, Quality, Audit and Risk Management Departments. Regional Ethics Committee also meet in the geographic zones.

Taking a firm stand on preventing corruption

The Group's anti-corruption process is based on prevention, training, internal control and disciplinary measures, and is rigorously implemented across every department.

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Paying particular attention to purchasing practices


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