Michelin quality policy

The Quality Policy of the Michelin Group is expressed in our Purpose:

We are firmly committed to offering our customers uncompromising quality. That’s our priority.

and in the Group Mission:

Satisfying customers and developing their trust is the heart of the company's mission, because our sustainability and our growth depend on their continuing satisfaction.

The commitment of the Group Management to meet the expectations of our customers as well as those of our relevant stakeholders is expressed in two documents:

This Quality Policy is taken into account at all levels of the Group in:

  • a Customer-oriented organization
  • the Michelin Quality Approach and its Management System which aims to obtain and guarantee the quality of products and services, the progress and the continuous improvement of our ways of doing things

The Michelin Quality Management System (QMS) is based on the responsibility and competence of the employees, as well as on the Customer, Support and Steering processes of the Company.

It integrates the fundamental Quality practices that we apply to satisfy:

  • the expectations and / or needs of our Customers
  • expectations and / or requirements of relevant stakeholders
  • applicable legal and regulatory requirements

and improve the performance of the company. 

These fundamental Quality practices are defined in the Michelin Quality Fundamentals document.