Our sustainable growth model

Strategy for sustainable growth: sustainably improving customer mobility

Faced with this future reality in which we are already standing, we must be clear about who we are, why we are working together and what our strategy is, more than ever before. It is our key purpose “to find a better way forward for everyone” that unites us.



That purpose gives meaning to our actions every day. We believe in mobility as a vector for progress, in innovation that excites us and sets us apart, in quality without compromise for our products and services, in our capacity to give each of us the opportunity to express our talents. Finally, we want to give our purpose substance as the unrivaled leader of sustainable mobility.

We have set ourselves 6 major ambitions, creating a concrete roadmap with precise objectives for 2020:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Personal well-being and development
  • Financial performance
  • Product performance
  • A responsible manufacturer
  • Host communities and sustainable mobility

Our strategy stems from these ambitions. Today, it is being rolled out through the four major pillars of our business and four major transformation initiatives which guide our Group’s development:

1 - Tires that truly meet our customers’ needs

2 - Tire-related services and solutions

3 - Enable our customers to enjoy unique michelin mobility experiences

4 - Our expertise in high-tech materials