Michelin is changing

To achieve our ambitions for 2020 and implement our corporate strategy focused on continuous innovation and sustainable development, our Group is changing around 4 major initiatives.



Putting the customer at the heart of our concerns

Today, an industrial company must also be a service company. This change requires us to be closer to our customers. We must offer them products and services adapted to their requirements. Establish with them simpler, more direct relationships that are as rich as possible.



This is encouraging us to strengthen some of our priorities. At every level of the Group, we are tracking customer satisfaction with an indicator, NPS, which is now a key standard for assessing managerial performance.

We also pay close attention to what our customers say and are always watching how our relationships develop, to make sure that the priorities of our teams match customer expectations.

In all fields, digital technology must make us more efficient and more responsive.

Making the most of the digital revolution

We are developing more competitive, new digital solutions and services which bring us closer to our customers and help us understand their needs and better respond to their expectations.



In 2016, over 60 digital solutions were created specifically for our customers, resellers, fleets and manufacturers. The Engage program is a perfect example of this. It is a digital platform which helps manage their relationship with our sales teams efficiently, transparently and continuously.

To go even further, we are currently embedding digital technology into the very heart of of the company through two projects:

  • Digitalizing all Staff Services processes, with the aim of involving our managers and employees even more in employee development.
  • Digitalizing our manufacturing processes, to increase productivity whilst significantly improving the work environment of our production agents.

Simplifying our organizations and our processes

Today, a traditional centralized organization cannot efficiently handle continuous changes and the complexity of our modern world. The implementation of a simple, flowing and legible organization is essential. It is keenly expected by everyone: customers, employees, managers.



We are currently launching a new organization in this direction. Its aim is to design a global offer based on a better understanding of all our customers, whilst responding to local expectations with a country-scale roll-out. This organization also gives more responsibilities to teams and key people in the group to achieve their objectives.

It will be rolled out around 14 global Business Lines, which will ensure the design, marketing and price policy for products for well-defined customer segments. The Group’s sales performance will be implemented locally within a new geographic organization based around 10 regions.

In parallel, industry and Group research will become more coherent by pooling our strengths. Shared support functions will also be promoted, recognizing a genuine craft operating in a very broad field.

Over time, this organization will help us liberate our energies and our collective intelligence, simplify our relationships, delegate responsibility to our teams and strengthen solidarity within the Group by taking it higher than it is today.

Giving everyone responsibility

Currently, as an extension of our humanist values, we are setting up a growing number of organization and management units which will develop team independence. They are based on the general principle of subsidiarity: all decisions should be taken at the right level.



In all sites already committed to this project, the benefits are tangible. We are seeing changes in motivation and wellbeing in the workplace and a new, very positive state of mind in social dialog. With all the men and women who make up the Group, we are in the process of building a new management model.

This empowerment of our teams means we can envisage an increase in innovation and agility, deeply changing quality of life in the workplace, individually and collectively, all over the world.