Our keyword: integrity

Michelin's approach involves sharing the adventure towards providing better mobility, while at the same time applying the values of respect, performance, Group responsibility and concern about the long-term consequences of its decisions.
In all the countries it is present, the Michelin Group aims to conduct its business with integrity. The way in which results are achieved is just as important as the results themselves.

Social integrity

Michelin attaches great importance to relations it develops with its partners, in particular with communities living close to its sites. The Group is strongly committed to jobs, mobility and education, as well as to compliance with ethical regulations and anti-corruption measures by increasing internal training and information at all levels.

It is also a key worldwide player in the field of road safety, via a wide range of initiatives.

Share with us

Last but not least, Michelin is extending the scope of its social initiatives by associating its suppliers in terms of sustainable development.

Compliance with strict ethical standards is an integral part of the mission of each Group employee. Inseparable from the quest for performance, it boosts confidence in the Michelin Group and its appeal.

Internationally recognized integrity

Michelin is listed in the main ethical indexes (ethical stock market indexes were created to assess companies in terms of sustainable development):


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Activities benefiting local communities