Mobility beyond tires?

From road maps to phone apps, itineraries to travel guides, with its travel services Michelin offers “a better way forward” to millions of people all over the world every day.



From the company’s very beginnings, the Michelin brothers believed that manufacturing good tires was not enough. They also had to help customers use them, meaning helping travellers travel! The Michelin guide was born from this idea in 1900. It was designed to help the first hauliers and motorists, giving them information about where to sleep, eat, find fuel...and MICHELIN tires too. The years went by and travel services grew. 1908: the Itineraries Office opened in Paris (the ancestor to ViaMichelin, ninety years before the Internet). 1910: the first road maps were produced at a scale of 1:200,000 (Clermont-Ferrand and the surrounding area, Côte d’Azur and Paris). 1912: road numbers appeared. 1926: the first travel guide (Brittany)... A century later, the Michelin brothers’ brilliant intuition has become a business in its own right, recognised for its quality around the world.

Choosing the right journey

The Itineraries Office, which sent motorists a detailed itinerary by post on request, is no more.



It has been honourably replaced by ViaMichelin which offers maps and itineraries on the web and on mobile phones. It also has many additional services: hotel and restaurant bookings, points of interests along the way, real-time traffic updates, weather information and more.

Available in eight languages, ViaMichelin is the second most used journey planner website after Google Maps, with 400 million hits every year. Its services are also available on several specialised satnav brands and also from certain car manufacturers.

Digital technology may have changed how we travel but paper maps have not suffered for it. Available for 40 countries in 37 languages, a map is bought every 6 seconds in the world (Michelin represents 75% of this market). Maps are still faithful travel companions because they do not need a phone network or batteries!

Finding new destinations

The MICHELIN guide needs no introduction.

Over 40,000 restaurants around the world are visited by our inspectors in 24 countries. The MICHELIN guide (red) guide has become part of popular culture, to such an extent that our food/restaurants page has 350,000 fans in China, even though the country does not have its own Michelin guide! Here again, without replacing the paper version, digital technology has arrived. Our best tables are available online on the MICHELIN Restaurant app where a booking can be made in a few clicks. Through our partnership with the English website BookaTable in 2015, we have become Europe’s leaders on this market for online bookings. This service is also for restaurants themselves, who can use the table booking system to better manage their availability.

Many countries and regions would like to be chosen for a MICHELIN guide. We support them in their project to promote their culinary heritage through assessments and consultations and while they await selection, they can post a selection of hand-picked restaurants worthy of interest on our web-based guide.




For its part, the big family of travel guides is still growing. As well as the classic “Green Guides”, we now offer travel guides designed for different users. The En un coup d’œil books are ideal for urban explorers looking to quench their thirst for city life. The Carnet guides take people off the beaten track, for a different holiday experience as a group. The Petits explorateurs books immerse you in an area’s history and heritage, through the original and often pertinent eyes of children.

The MICHELIN Voyage website is changing with the guides and means our selection of unmissable places is just a few clicks away. We are also developing customised services in certain countries. In China, for example, we have created a genuine online travel agency for booking tailored tours in Europe, with the possibility of prepaying hotels and restaurants from Michelin’s selection. 




Michelin offers many services to support all aspects of travel.

These services are available on paper or digitally to meet everyone’s requirements.

They are always developing to better meet customer expectations.


Creating unique moments



All the Michelin travel services endeavours to generate exceptional moments for those who have chosen us as their travel companions. Sometimes, we create these moments ourselves. For example, the involvement of the MICHELIN brand in motor sports means we can offer companies private events during the championship season’s major races.

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