Michelin Corporate Foundation

Thanks to the Michelin Corporate Foundation launched in January 2014, we are exploring new facets of mobility and supporting many initiatives.


Inventing sustainable mobility for all

Movement, conquering distances and travel are at the very core of human nature. We have made them our purpose. In terms of mobility, there are as many experiences and as many needs as there are people. No single solution could rise to all these challenges. Everyone who provides new ideas to keep man moving deserves our support.

This is why since January 2014, the Michelin Corporate Foundation has been supporting original projects which bring us closer to a fair sustainable mobility, respecting both the environment and people and offering everyone the possibility to, literally and figuratively, move forward.


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Michelin support

To date, the Michelin Corporate Foundation has provided financial support to many projects (73 projects in 2016). In total and thanks to this support, over 100 projects have come into being.  


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