With the creation of Michelin solutions, Michelin is partnering trucking companies to help them to reduce their fuel bill with an initial innovative...

Le groupe Michelin crée Michelin solutions et s’engage auprès des entreprises de transport à réduire en partenariat avec eux leur consommation de carburant à travers une première solution innovante, EFFIFUEL TM.

Michelin’s market launch of Michelin solutions in May 2013 is the result of a long change process underpinned by two deep-seated trends:

  • Business customers – vehicle fleet managers – are confronted with a highly competitive environment and are looking for practical, reliable, long-term solutions to improve the efficiency of their day-to-day operations and their profit margins.
  • To derive maximum benefit from the quality of MICHELIN tires, it’s important that they be supported by high-quality service.

The purpose of Michelin solutions is to design, develop and market innovative models and value creators in all areas that impact mobility, for the benefit of business customers who manage fleets of vans, trucks and earthmover equipment.

The originality of these solutions is based on several key components of the offer:

  • Performance objectives that are contractually guaranteed, with gains shared with the customer.
  • The integration of an array of action drivers that include more than just the tire.
  • The support of an ecosystem of partners that are experts in a variety of fields – such as training, telematics and electronics – to deliver an integrated solution that is unique in the market.
  • A money-back guarantee if the objectives are not met.

Today, Michelin solutions is launching EFFIFUEL™, an initial solution that pledges to reduce fuel bills for truck fleet managers in Europe.

EFFIFUEL™ integrates the main factors that influence vehicle fuel consumption, with driver training and support, the deployment of a dedicated team of Fuel Analysts to design actions that improve fuel efficiency and the implementation of systems to ensure real-time traceability of vehicle data. Other solutions to improve mobility for our business customers are being developed and will help to enrich the Michelin solutions portfolio in the years ahead.

By creating Michelin solutions, Michelin is providing its customers with the full extent of its expertise to support their transition to a world of safer, cleaner, more efficient mobility.

At the same time, Michelin solutions is addressing powerful societal expectations for sustainable progress and the constant search for greater efficiency.

Philippe Miret, Managing Director, Michelin solutions