To showcase the launch of the new MICHELIN X MULTI D tire, Michelin is introducing on Instagram a contest called Deliver Everywhere for the trucking...

Intended for trucks weighing at least 16 tonnes, the new MICHELIN X MULTI D provides real peace of mind for trucking companies, which have a constant need for mobility.

With #@MICHELINTRUCK on Instagram, social network for sharing photographs, Michelin is enabling members of the trucking community to showcase their brands and to live their passion, around the theme of “Delivery Everywhere” With a community of 130 million users worldwide, and more than 600,000 photos with the hashtag #truck (and 30,000 with #camion), the Instagram social network is the most appropriate platform on which truck drivers can show visuals of some of the unusual, out-ofthe-way places in which they operate.

Each month, through the end of June 2014, awards will be presented for the most outstanding delivery photographs of vehicles, landscapes and people. The photograph must include a truck and will also be tagged #MICHELINXMULTI. Participating truckers can win mini iPads, Bibendum watches or lamps, and many other prizes.

With the Deliver Everywhere contest on Instagram, Michelin is reaffirming its close ties with transport companies in a way that is playful, connected, innovative and interactive.

MICHELIN Deliver Everywhere