Three new restaurants awarded two stars in the 2015 MICHELIN guide Netherlands

The 2015 selection reveals the boldness and creativity of Dutch chefs
Guide Michelin Pays bas 2015

Michelin unveiled the 2015 selection of the MICHELIN guide Netherlands, which this year includes 1,217 addresses.

The 2015 selection honors three new n restaurants: De Lindehof, in Nuenen, where masterfully combined, often intense, flavors underpin a bold cuisine; Librije's Zusje, which has moved to a new location, now serving an elegant cuisine at the Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam; and finally ‘t Nonnetje,in Harderwijk, where a generous, gourmet menu has been built from remarkable compositions of tastes, colors and texture.

Five restaurants, each illustrating the wealth and diversity of the Dutch gastronomic scene, earned their first star in 2015. FG Food Labs,in Rotterdam, boasts a highly inventive menu with an energy that astounds the palate.

 Ratatouille Food & Wine, in Haarlem, and Wiesen, in Eindhoven, both offer a harmonious cuisine where the produce takes center stage, while offering good value for money. In Amsterdam, two new restaurants earned their first star: Sinne and Sazanka, a Japanese restaurant offering delicious teppanyaki dishes prepared with dexterity and precision.

In addition, De Leest, in Vaassen, which won its third star in 2014 under Jacob Jan Boerma, and De Librije, in Zwolle, which is run by Jonnie and Thérèse Boer in a former women’s prison previously occupied by their second restaurant, both kept their three-star ratings. The MICHELIN guide’s three-star distinction, denoting restaurants that exhibit “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”, is a privilege held by only 100 or so restaurants worldwide.

This selection reflects the energy of the Dutch gastronomic scene in 2015.The chefs are bold and inventive.They don’t shy away from simple local produce, preparing it with creativity and remarkable skill,” says Michael Ellis, International Director, MICHELIN guides.  “Dutch chefs are innovating, developing new concepts and producing more varied cuisine.  They have above all adapted to the expectations of their customers by making their restaurants more affordable and offering very good value for money, so that everyone can discover their talent.Gourmet restaurants in the Netherlands are becoming more accessible: there are now many Michelin-starred restaurants where you can enjoy lunch for less than €40.

The 2015 MICHELIN guide Netherlands also awarded the Bib Gourmand label to 115 restaurants. The number of restaurants bearing the Bib Gourmand pictogram is steadily rising. Denoting a full menu for less than €37 featuring local or international cuisine that showcases seasonal produce, the concept is now well established. The figures speak for themselves, since the 2015 guide includes 22 new Bib Gourmand addresses.