The new MICHELIN CrossClimate + tire: a high level of performance and safety, for a long time, in all weather conditions

Michelin has introduced the new MICHELIN CrossClimate +, which combines the best in summer and winter tire technology, while guaranteeing a high level of performance over time.



The MICHELIN CrossClimate +retains the performance of the CrossClimate on dry ground and its positioning as a premium summer tire. But unlike its predecessor, it goes even further in terms of winter performance, ensuring an excellent level of traction on snow.

Many drivers are unable or unwilling to change tires in summer and winter; for both practical and budgetary reasons. It is true that some tire performance characteristics can improve as it wears, such as rolling resistance,but most degrade over time, and this is especially true of grip on wet or snowy ground. The MICHELIN CrossClimate + meets the needs of drivers by offering the best characteristics of a summer tire and a winter tire. On the one hand, it meets the requirements of drivers who are prefer  the safety of a summer tire (braking distance on dry or wet roads), on the other hand it offers mobility and safety during winter conditions, on wet ground or snowy roads. When new, the traction of the MICHELIN CrossClimate + on snow is the same level as the main "all-season" premium tires. When worn state, snow traction is equivalent to that of the same "all-season" premium tires, but when they are still at an intermediate wear level. From the first to the last kilometer, its performance therefore changes very little, when that of its premium competitors falls very significantly.

In summer, the MICHELIN CrossClimate + also offers high-performance on dry roads , equivalent to a summer tire, where a winter tire’s performance degrades.

*Tests carried out by TestWorld in July 2016 at the request of Michelin on a Volkswagen Golf 7 equipped with 205 / 55R16, compared to GOODYEAR Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 and PIRELLI Cinturato All Season.
**"Worn" state means "close to the legal wear indicator of 1.6mm and" intermediate state "means 4mm of tread depth.
*** The Michelin CrossClimate + has the same level of braking on dry ground as the Michelin CrossClimate (tested by the TÜV SÜD Product Service in September 2016, at the request of Michelin, on a VOLKSWAGEN Golf 7 equipped with 205/55 R16) . The Michelin CrossClimate has a level of braking on dry ground equivalent to the reference summer tire (AutoBild's comparative test on size 205/55 R16, published on September 30, 2016).