The development of MICHELIN’s mountain bike tires

From the laboratory stage to the tire that goes on sale, the different steps designed to deliver optimum performance

MICHELIN Mountain Bike Tire

Michelin sells performance, not rubber

Declaration by Michelin’s Managing Partners (2010 Michelin Challenge Bibendum)

More than merely a philosophy, this is the pledge of an entire company. Michelin develops and manufactures tires that are capable of delivering maximum performance courtesy of its cutting-edge  technologies and innovative approach. Better still, these tires are designed to extract maximum performance from the motorised or non-motorised vehicles they equip. This is the key to their added value, and the secret behind the world-class reputation of the Michelin brand.

Michelin, therefore, ‘sells performance, not rubber’. This phrase – which neatly summarises the Group’s mission – also applies to the tires the company produces for mountain bikes, for serious competition use and active amateurs alike.

When it comes to high performance, Michelin has always been inclined to defy the established boundaries. From high-level competition to commercially available tires, the development process follows a rigorous chain of requirements. The breakthroughs so vital to sporting success similarly benefit the brand’s mass-produced tires. In taking advantage of the expertise of the world’s very best mountain-bikers, Michelin turns the sport into a life-size laboratory for its work.

In addition, testing its products in the most extreme conditions using athletes with differing profiles and riding styles, allows Michelin to define the technical configuration of its new solutions in a coherent, holistic manner, enabling all users to benefit from optimum performance.

Finally, the Michelin Group’s Technology Centre provides its designers with the technological ‘building blocks’ they require to successfully tackle the challenges specific to their markets and uses. Grip, durability, strength and agility are at the very core of the performance of every mountain bike tire developed by the Group.