The MICHELIN guide Tokyo 2015

A  New three star restaurant confirms Tokyo’s position as a world class dining destination. 200 new Bib Gourmand “Washoku” restaurants highlight Tokyo’s leadership in traditional Japanese cuisine at affordable prices.

MICHELIN guide Tokyo - 2015

Michelin today unveiled the MICHELIN guide Tokyo 2015, which recommends the best restaurants and hotels in Tokyo.  The guide book, which is in Japanese, will go on sale in bookshops in Japan on Friday, 5th Dec.  The selection is also available in digital format both in Japanese and English. The update of the digital data will be done at 15:30 today, prior to the launch of the book.

This year our selection features one new Three Star restaurant – Makimura –a Japanese restaurant, promoted from Two Stars. It also includes 5 new Two Star restaurants and 19 new One Star restaurants, two of which were promoted from a Bib Gourmand. 

The other remarkable feature of this guide is that washoku – traditional Japanese cuisine – joins the list of Bib Gourmands with a remarkable 20 new restaurants selected. A Bib Gourmand recognizes those establishments offering quality food at affordable price and for this edition the limit is 5,000 JPY or less. The Bib Gourmand awards also reflect the continuing trend for competitively priced, less structured and more flexible dining.

The following 22 categories of washoku feature in our Bib Gourmand awards in this edition:  anago, chankonabe, chicken specialties, dojo, izakaya, Japanese, kushiage, meat specialities, obanzai, oden, okonomiyaki, ramen, soba, sukiyaki, sushi, tempura, teppanyaki, tonkatsu, udon, unagi, yakitori and yoshoku (Chankonabe and dojo feature in the MICHELIN Guide for the first time).

Bernard DELMAS, the president of Nihon Michelin Tire, announced: “We are very pleased to present the new edition of the MICHELIN guide Tokyo.  Even though we have published MICHELIN guides covering three areas, Tokyo, Yokohama and Shonan, in previous editions, this time we focus exclusively on the Tokyo area. Bib Gourmands first appeared in our Tokyo guide last year and targeted just French and Italian cuisine. This time washoku – traditional Japanese cuisine – has been included and this has made the selection much richer and more interesting. We therefore hope that this guide book will enjoy even greater popularity with our readers. MICHELIN guide digital will also be re-launched as ‘Club MICHELIN’ next spring as we constantly thrive to provide better services. Everyone involved in our guides, including the inspectors, continue to channel all their energies into providing the most useful and up-to-date information for our readers.

Michael ELLIS, International Director of the MICHELIN guides commented “with wide varieties of “washoku”, traditional Japanese cuisine of Bib Gourmand award, this 2015 edition reflects “washoku”’s tremendous gastronomic energy.  “Washoku” has been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list and it is getting more attention lately in the world.  In this edition, 24 cuisine categories awarded as both stars and Bib Gourmand belonging to “washoku” are listed. It represents more than 60% of the restaurants’ addresses in this guide.  31 cuisine categories join in this guide in total.  Overall, wide array of cooking styles are listed. We can say that Tokyo is one of most attractive city for gastronomy”. 

The 8thedition of MICHELIN guide Tokyo features 596 establishments, including 45 hotels and 551 restaurants. The selection comprises:

  • 12 3 star restaurants (of which 1 has been promoted)
  • 53 2 star restaurants (of which 2 are new, 3 promoted)
  • 161 1 star restaurants ( of which 17 are new, 2 promoted)
  • 325 Bib Gourmands restaurants (of which 213 are new )