The MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 - Tire for Port Equipment Operators

Delivering even more safety and productivity¹ for port equipment operators
MICHELIN X-Straddle 2

Key points to remember

  • 60% of world trade transits through ports.
  • The total value of goods shipped in the world’s 17 million containers exceeds $4.1 trillion a year.
  • Independently of the economic environment, business in ports is constantly growing.The new MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 tire increases the productivity of port operations machinery by more than 30%.
  • Productivity is increased without sacrificing Michelin’s values of enhanced safety, longevity, comfort and environmental protection.

Port operations are at the heart of the global economy

The transport of goods by containers on cargo ships represents approximately two-thirds of global commerce2, transiting products worth an estimated $4.1 trillion a year. These operations employ some 4.2 million people directly as well as 13.5 million indirectly.

It’s estimated that each week3, 10,000 cargo ships call in one of the leading global ports to load and unload a substantial proportion of the world’s 17 million registered containers. Since shipping terminals operate around the clock, seven days a week, the reliability of machinery and equipment is an absolute necessity. According to Global Insight, the average annual increase in container traffic was 12% between 2001 and 2005 and 6.5% between 2006 and 2011. That’s a considerable rise in the years since that rainy Thursday morning on April 26, 1956, when American Malcolm McLean leveraged his experience in road haulage to adapt the container to maritime transport for the first time, bringing an end to the era of break bulk cargo. In recognition of his decisive contribution to maritime trade, McLean was named “Man of the Century” by the International Maritime Hall of Fame.

Once on the dock, containers are lifted by eight-wheeled machines called straddle carriers. While not certified for road use, these machines are also used in intermodal terminals.

Measuring more than ten meters long, over twelve meters high and nearly five meters wide, these impressively large machines are also ballasted to stably transport heavy containers of up to 60 tonnes. For the sake of comparison, a loaded straddle carrier weighs as much as an empty Airbus A320, i.e. the equivalent of over 100 tonnes.

That gives an idea of the pressure exerted on the tires, especially since all four axles are steering axles and have to withstand cargo-shifting. They travel at relatively low, albeit significant, speeds not exceeding 30 km/h.

The new MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 makes marine terminal operations safer while increasing productivity by more than 30%!

The MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 delivers all the benefits of radial technology – a Michelin invention – to improve marine terminal operations.

The new MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 is designed, in size 16.00 R25, for single spreader straddle carriers. For double spreader straddle carriers, Michelin has kept the size 480/95 R25 MICHELIN X-STRADDLE tire in the catalogue. The new MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 is already available in both the original equipment and replacement markets.

MICHELIN X-Straddle 2 Port

The tire provides port equipment operators with improvements in five areas that help to increase productivity

  • Enhanced safety. Thanks to the protective belts on the sidewalls, combined with a narrower width and new bead region design, the new MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 is more robust and provides operators with greater reliability as well as enhanced safety. The narrower grooves reduce the risk of objects lodging in the tread. Lastly, the new MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 delivers improved grip, handling and stability. It is also easier to mount and dismount on wheels during tire maintenance and change operations.
  • Improved productivity. Productivity in port operations depends on the ability to move more containers faster and more safely. Compared with the previous-generation MICHELIN X-STRADDLE, the new MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 offers a 17% increase in top speed (from 30 to 35 km/h) and a 25% increase in per-hour distance (from 12 to 15 km/h). At the same time, the new tire’s load capacity is 7% higher, up from 14 to 15 tonnes per tire. The combined impact of these improvements can increase the theoretical productivity of the new MICHELIN XSTRADDLE 2 by more than 30%5, thus positioning the tire as a key enhancer of port operations productivity.
  • Increased longevity. The MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 is much longer lasting thanks to its new tread pattern and casing, its innovative new dual-compound tread and an optimized cooling system on both the tread and the shoulders. The new tread, which contains 4% more rubber, helps to increase longevity by up to 15%6. This significantly lowers total cost of ownership, for both the tires and the machines.
  • Greater operator comfort. The new tread wears more regularly while also reducing vibrations. This improves driver comfort, thus helping to make machine operations safer.
  • Enhanced environmental performance. In addition to its greater longevity, the new MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 is produced in ISO 14001-certified plants, which have seen their environmental impact reduced by 16% since 2005. What’s more, the tire can be retreaded and easily repaired in the appropriate network. Operators who choose the MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 can therefore achieve improved operating performance with fewer raw materials.
MICHELIN X-Straddle 2 Coupe

1 Compared with the prior-generation MICHELIN X-STRADDLE.
2 Source: Valuation of the Liner Shipping Industry, IHS Global Report, 2009.
3 Source: IHS Global Report, 2009 data.
4 Depending on the site and conditions of use.
5 Compared with the prior-generation tire.