The MICHELIN PB 20, the first ‘full wet’ competition tire for historic cars, available for the Tour de Corse Historique

Building on its experience and on the performance of its tires for historic and collectors’ cars, Michelin has extended its Historic Rally range with the MICHELIN PB 20 tires, the market’s first tire designed especially for heavy rain.
Pneu Michelin PB 20

This new tire is available for competitors taking part in the 2014 Tour de Corse Historique which Michelin is attending for the first time in association with its distributor CEERTA, based in Issoire, France, who will provide logistical support and back-up services. This deployment is a sign of Michelin’s growing interest in historic motorsport.

In showery weather, the MICHELIN PB 20 tire could well turn out to be one of the keys to victory! This new Michelin tire delivers an exceptionally high level of grip and maximum safety on very wet stages thanks to the high ‘sea-to-land’ ratio (grooving rate) of its tread pattern and to its specific compound. The MICHELIN PB 20 tire also features a new construction which allows it to hug irregularities in the asphalt surface in challenging conditions.

Like all the tires that make up Michelin’s Historic Motorsport catalogue, the new MICHELIN PB 20 tire is ‘e’-approved which means it can be used on roads anywhere in Europe.

The MICHELIN PB 20 tire is available in a choice of two sizes. The 18/60-15 version fits rims of a width between 5.5 and 7.5 inches, while the 23/62-15 version is for wheels of between 8.5 and 10.5 inches in width. The two tires can be combined on the majority of cars which run different sizes front and rear.

By delivering additional safety and higher performance on very wet asphalt, the new MICHELIN PB 20 tire stands out as a further illustration of the MICHELIN Total Performance commitment which consists in pushing out the envelope on every front without sacrificing one performance factor to the detriment of another.

The new MICHELIN PB 20 tire is available from specialist MICHELIN Collection dealers. For further information, or for a list of dealers, go to