The MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2017 selection reflects the eclecticism and the potential of the gastronomic scene in the city

Michelin today unveiled the very first selection for the MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2017, reflecting both the diversity of the culinary offerings in the city and its gastronomic dynamism. Gaon and la Yeon obtain three stars in the very first MICHELIN guide Seoul selection!



Two restaurants have been awarded three stars in this first selection: Gaon, a traditional restaurant serving Korean cuisine. Another restaurant to get three stars, La Yeon, situated on the 23rd floor of the Hotel Shilla, offers a superb view of Namsan Park.

The richness of this first selection is the sign that today Seoul has emerged as a mecca of world gastronomy. The quality, the potential of the culinary offerings as well as the eclectic cuisine that can be found there delighted our inspectors, who discovered some exceptional restaurants in Seoul. The cuisine at La Yeon led by chef Kim Sung Il immerses diners in a true gastronomic experience. The sophistication of the dishes combined with the contemporary approach the chef gives to Korean tradition lifts this restaurant to the level of experiences that are worth the trip.

Michael Ellis, International Director of MICHELIN Guides

Three restaurants obtained two stars in this first selection in Seoul: Gotgan, an establishment that impresses both with the panoramic view it offers of the city and the sophistication of the Korean cuisine offered by chef LEE - cuisine in which 30 year old soy sauce or soybean paste replaces traditional seasonings. Kwon Sook Soo, whose name was inspired by "sooksoo" an ancient Korean word meaning "professional chef", also received two stars. Chef Kwon WOO JOONG infuses modern touches into traditional Korean food by in particular associating unusual seasonal products with the most common ingredients to create original and unconventional flavours.

Finally, the restaurant Pierre Gagnaire was awarded two stars. The eponymous restaurant of the famous French chef Pierre GAGNAIRE, who thereby totals 16 stars worldwide, offers French cuisine reflecting the creative style of the Parisian chef while being based on local ingredients.

The MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2017 also gave nineteen restaurants one star: establishments that reflect the great diversity and richness of the gastronomy available in Seoul, be it traditional Korean food as offered by Poom or Hamo or more contemporary as in Twenty Four Seasons or Jungsik; Italian as in Ristorente Eo, French as in L’Amitié and Votre Maison, or sushi specialities in Kojima.

The full selection in the MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2017 is available on the website This selection includes:

  • 2 restaurants with three stars
  • 3 restaurants with two stars
  • 19 restaurants with one star