The MICHELIN Guide Kyoto Osaka 2017: 419 restaurants and 78 places to stay reflecting the culinary diversity of the Kyoto Osaka dining scene

Michelin today released the new selection of the MICHELIN Guide Kyoto Osaka 2017, which features the best hotels, ryokans and restaurants in Kyoto and Osaka.



In this 2017 selection, two new Japanese restaurants located in Kyoto are awarded two stars by the MICHELIN guide: Ifuki and Noguchi,which move up from previous one star distinction and bring the total number of two Stars restaurants in Kyoto and Osaka to 46. 

132 restaurants and 2 ryokans are awarded one star, of which 12 restaurants newly join the list. Among them, 4 restaurants are located in Kyoto: Aka, which serves a Spanish cuisine, Kinobu and Kokyu, both proposing a Japanese cuisine, and Ten-yu, aTempura restaurant.

8 new restaurants awarded one star in the new selection are located in Osaka: Pierre, a French-style cuisine, Again, which offers Kushiage cuisine, Choraku and Tominoya both specialized in Oden, Shiotsu and  Nakatani which propose sushi, Terada , a Japanese cuisine, and Ishii, which proposes Yakitori specialties.

The MICHELIN guide Kyoto Osaka selection also includes 232 restaurants awarded a Bib Gourmand, 55 of which are newly added to this year’s list: 20 in Kyoto and 35 in Osaka. Bib Gourmand distinction recognizes those restaurants offering quality food at a maximum of 5,000JPY (around €43). It also reflects the continuing trend for competitively priced, less structured and more flexible dining. Last year’s targeted categories were only French, Italian and Washoku (Traditional Japanese cuisine) but this year all cuisine categories have been considered. 

Our selection highlights the culinary diversity and constant evolution of the dining scenes of Kyoto and Osaka, even though both cities have long been known for their delicious traditional Japanese cuisine - Washoku. As a proof of this diversity, the MICHELIN guide today lists a total of 32 types of cuisines, including Izakaya, Soba, Sushi, Udon, Obanzai, Oden, Okonomiyaki, Tempura, Takoyaki and others. Two cuisines are also new to the guide: Caijun and Pakistan, making our selection richer and even more interesting.

Michael ELLIS, International Director of the MICHELIN guides

The MICHELIN guide Kyoto Osaka 2017, printed in Japanese will go on sale in Japan on Friday, 21st October. The selection is also available in digital format both in Japanese and in English, on our website MICHELIN Guide Japan.

The MICHELIN guide Kyoto Osaka 2017 recommends 497 establishments, with 51 hotels, 27 ryokans and 419 restaurants. The selection includes:

  • 10 restaurants awarded three stars (7 in Kyoto, 3 in Osaka)
  • 45 restaurants awarded two stars (25 in Kyoto, 20 in Osaka) and 1 ryokan (Kyoto)
  • 132 restaurants awarded one star (64 in Kyoto, 68 in Osaka) and 2 ryokans (Kyoto)
  • 232 restaurants awarded a Bib Gourmand (90 in Kyoto, 142 in Osaka)