The Iveco Stralis XP and Stralis NP heavy trucks will be fitted with the next generation of MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy™ tyres

The new MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy™ range is the only tyre range to receive an “AAA” rating for rolling resistance under EU tyre labelling rules.


With more than 200,000 tyres sold since January 2013, the MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy™ range has repeatedly proven its ability to deliver meaningful fuel savings for long-haul road transport and logistics providers. Now, Michelin is taking this ability to a whole new level by fitting – together with Iveco – the only tyre range rated “AAA” for rolling resistance under EU tyre labelling rules, comprising steer axle, drive axle and trailer tyres. As a result, Iveco customers can opt for the market’s first heavy truck tyre range to earn an “A” rating for rolling resistance on every axle.

Iveco is launching the new Stralis with a completely redesigned driveline and energy-saving features to guarantee a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and reduced CO₂ emissions. To highlight the outstanding economy and environmental performance of the new truck series, Iveco named it the “TCO₂ Champion”. The new MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy™ tyres will be specified for the new Stralis as standard, on both the XP and NP models, to ensure customers enjoy the full environmental benefits of the new vehicle.

Compared with the current MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy™ tyre range, which is rated “BBA” for rolling resistance, the new fitments will help save operators up to one litre of fuel per 100km driven, thereby avoiding the emission of 2.66 kg of CO₂ over the same distance. This represents an a

verage reduction of €1,610 in the operator’s fuel bill over the initial life of the tyres. Moreover, these gains are delivered while maintaining the Michelin tyres’ long lasting performance in other areas, such as safety, durability and longevity.
Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, says: “With the new Stralis we had the goal of achieving up to an 11 per cent fuel saving, depending on the mission. We achieved the TCO and CO₂ reduction objectives by redesigning the driveline for the Stralis and by working with the best suppliers in our industry. By working with Michelin, we can guarantee our customers the very best in terms of tyre durability, while reducing rolling resistance, and therefore maximising fuel savings.”
Michelin’s new X® LINE™ Energy™ tyres incorporate many ground-breaking innovations, and have been validated by an independent operator. The operator’s tests demonstrated longevity in line with the target for the drive tyre, and the results are even better than expected for the steer tyre under ‘wet grip’ testing.

“The fuel saving test results are fully in-line with our targets as well,” adds Pierre Lahutte.
Iveco and Michelin solutions announce agreement on tyre management system for commercial vehicle fleet operators, as part of Iveco’s TCO₂ Live programme.
As part of the new-generation Stralis launch, Iveco has announced “TCO₂ Live” – a new service from Iveco aimed at ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership for Iveco customers. The programme includes driver training, fuel usage advice and vehicle maintenance and repair provision, plus an uptime commitment, or insurance management.

The programme has been running successfully in Poland and Spain for more than a year, and is now expanding to other markets.
Tyre management is a module of TCO₂ Live. To ensure the highest customer satisfaction in relation to tyre management, the programme was created in partnership with Michelin solutions which already offers fleet management services such as EFFITIRES™, EFFIFUEL™ and EFFITRAILER™.

Gianalberto Lupi, head of Iveco’s Heavy Business Line, says: “With the new Stralis, Iveco is prepared to guarantee to the customer a cost reduction for running the vehicle, thanks to the new range’s improved fuel efficiency, combined with our high level of parts availability, and our widespread maintenance network. With this partnership, Iveco aims to assist the customer by lightening the load of its fleet management costs, and helping them to focus on their primary mission. TCO₂ Live services are the perfect complement to our promise of reliable uptime with Iveco trucks. By working with Michelin solutions, we offer Iveco customers exclusive services that will guarantee maximum satisfaction for Iveco truck owners.”