One million MICHELIN PRO4 road bicycle tires sold

Brought to market in early 2012, the new MICHELIN PRO4 road bicycle tire continues to enjoy success around the world, with the one-millionth tire sold this month.

Designed to meet the expectations of serious amateur riders as well as professional bikers, the new range comprises six versions, currently available in six colors and six sizes.

  • The MICHELIN PRO4 Service Course offers the perfect balance between sport riding and longevity. In addition to improving safety, it increases cornering speed on wet roads by an average of 16%.
  • The MICHELIN PRO4 Endurance is intended for riders who want long-lasting tires. With added protection against cuts and scrapes, the tire combines high-level performance and outstanding longevity.
  • The MICHELIN PRO4 Comp Service Course was developed for demanding cyclists looking for maximum rider output and efficiency. The tire features very low rolling resistance and unequaled grip on wet roads.
  • The MICHELIN PRO4 Comp Limited Service Course targets riders for whom speed is all-important. It offers the lowest rolling resistance in the road tire lineup and enables cyclists, while producing the same effort, to cover an additional four meters per minute*. It’s also the lightest tire in the range, weighing only 165 grams in size 23-622.
  • The MICHELIN PRO4 Grip is ideal for challenging conditions. It enables cyclists to ride in cold weather, on roads that are wet and/or in poor condition.
  • The MICHELIN PRO4 Tubular was designed for highlevel racing. It’s a latest generation tube tire reinforced with high-density puncture protection. Featuring a latex inner tube, its fully meets the expectations of committed cyclists.

Thanks to the advanced technologies deployed by the Michelin Group and an annual research and development budget of €622 million, each tire in the MICHELIN PRO4 lineup delivers more performance in terms of safety, riding enjoyment and total mileage. This ability to deliver more performance in areas that often make contradictory demands without requiring any sacrifice on the part of users is at the heart of the Group’s global strategy, which is called Michelin Total Performance.

New website

Launched in early April, a new website enables bikers to choose the tire best suited to their level and type of use. The site presents the entire range of MICHELIN bicycle tires as well as a wide selection of videos: Available in seven languages, the site is accessible in Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

*Compared with the MICHELIN PRO4 Service Course