New bicycle tire range MICHELIN POWER : faster and further, for the same level of physical effort

The bicycle tire range MICHELIN POWER boosts Michelin’s high-performance range to meet the needs of even the most exacting cyclists.


Characterised by extremely low rolling resistance, enhanced grip on wet roads, better protection against punctures and longer life, this new bicycle tire range benefits fully from Michelin’s extensive research and development expertise. Indeed, passing innovations on to its customers has been the founding principle of the Group’s development ever since its creation, not to mention a powerful means of setting itself apart from its competitors. 

The new range of tires will go on sale on April 1, 2016, and their blend of innovation and high performance will delight discerning riders who are only willing to settle for the best.

The MICHELIN POWER range covers three major demands to satisfy 90 percent of this market’s requirements:

  • MICHELIN POWER Competition tire, dedicated to road racing,
  • MICHELIN POWER Endurance tire, intended for sport touring enthusiasts,
  • MICHELIN POWER All Season tire, designed for difficult conditions.
  • A fourth version – the MICHELIN POWER Protection+ tire is exclusively reserved for the North American market.

As part of their development strategy, Michelin’s Technology Center engineers took a broad spectrum of variables into account. They also fully understood that new materials are now constantly pushing back technical boundaries. This is particularly true when it comes to braking, where the interaction between the disc brake and the tire calls for a fresh approach in terms of grip.

Michelin’s aim was consequently to develop the most straightforward range possible without placing excessive emphasis on versatility while, in accordance with the type of use for which it has been designed, each tire in the new MICHELIN POWER range promises gains in performance.

Tests carried out by an independent body have confirmed the excellent results revealed by Michelin’s own in-house testing:

  • MICHELIN POWER Compétition tire: an efficiency gain of 10 watts and a 25 percent reduction in rolling resistance*.
  • MICHELIN POWER Endurance tire: an efficiency gain of 8.6 watts and a 20 percent improvement in strength**.
  • MICHELIN POWER All Season tire: an efficiency gain of 5 watts and a 15 percent improvement in grip***.

The new MICHELIN POWER range combines energy efficiency, durability and grip. Its greatest technological advance concerns rolling resistance, an area in which Michelin has led the way since the beginning of the 1990s, when it launched the world’s first ‘green’ car tire.

Research into the physical and chemical properties of materials represents one of the key drivers of innovation for energy efficiency, and this is perfectly illustrated by the MICHELIN POWER range.

Finally, this new range is a resounding endorsement of the MICHELIN Total Performance strategy, the objective of which is to take all the factors that contribute to the tire performance forward at the same time.

* Running over a distance of 40km at an average speed of 35kph and a total weight of 70kg. Test carried out by Wheel Energy in April, 2015. Compared with the MICHELIN PRO4 SERVICE COURSE.
** Crown puncture test carried out by Wheel Energy in April, 2015. Compared with the MICHELIN PRO4 ENDURANCE.
*** Grip evaluation test carried out by Wheel Energy in April, 2015. Compared with the MICHELIN PRO4 GRIP.