New MICHELIN Wild Race’R Enduro Rear mountain bike tire: even more grip!

The latest addition to MICHELIN’s Enduro range –the all-new MICHELIN Wild Race’R Enduro Rear tire – will reach the market in January 2016.

MICHELIN Wild Race'R Enduro Rear 2015

Specially designed and developed to take on smooth, dry terrain, its mission is to go beyond its initial calling by performing on wet surfaces, too.

The MICHELIN Wild Race’R Enduro Rear tire marks a groundbreaking step forward in its field. While it borrows the name of its predecessor, it greatly exceeds the grip levels delivered by its forerunner.

By focusing their attention on enhancing grip, 70 per cent of which is produced by the tread, the Research and Development teams have achieved unprecedented results without altering the original qualities that helped to forge the reputation of this tire, namely efficiency and longevity.

Optimising grip is essential, especially for competitors, since it equates to faster times, better steering precision, improved stability under braking and extra safety when leaning or on slopes.

For everyday use, it contributes to enhanced safety while bringing more enjoyment to a sport that is becoming increasingly accessible and, therefore, has more enthusiasts.