Following two years of development work and validation in world class Enduro competition, Michelin is poised to strengthen its position in the mountain bike tire market. In the wake of the launch of its new MICHELIN Cross Country and All-Mountain ranges last spring, MICHELIN has turned its attention to Enduro with the introduction of three new MICHELIN WILD ENDURO tires (FRONT MAGI-X / FRONT GUM-X / REAR GUM-X) which cover more than 80 percent of the different types of terrain likely to be encountered by Enduro riders.



The MICHELIN WILD ENDURO range targets both casual fans of the discipline and expert riders who seek tires that combine performance, outstanding grip and strength. Not only does this particularly versatile new range tick all these boxes but it also simplifies tire choice by providing riders with an efficient solution for practically every situation. This flexibility ensures maximum efficiency across the spectrum of terrain types encountered during most rides, from forest trails, to dry, hard-packed ground, sand and damp surfaces. This versatility and the two new rubber compounds developed for the MICHELIN WILD ENDURO range also address the needs of more experienced riders thanks to the GRAVITY SHIELD, MAGI-X² and GUM-X3D technologies that these new tires pack.

MICHELIN's riders and engineers started to develop the casings and rubber compounds for the MICHELIN WILD ENDURO range at the end of 2015, while work on the tread patterns began during 2016.

Enduro stars like Adrien Dailly, Jérôme Clementz, Karim Amour and Remy Absalon all played a part in developing, testing and signing off the three tires that make up the new MICHELIN WILD ENDURO range and the release of the 27.5-inch versions is planned for March 2018.