New MICHELIN Power RS motorcycle tire

MICHELIN present the Power RS tire. We believe that the launch of our new sport road tire range and the MICHELIN ACT+ technology it packs will be remembered as a watershed moment in the history of motorcycle tires, with a before and an after!



MICHELIN’s motorcycle tires have always been and continue to be acclaimed for their wet-weather performance. Safety is another field in which our company refuses to compromise and this is naturally the case with our sport road motorcycle tires. Today, new technologies have enabled us to take the notion of performance further still. The challenge we faced was to deliver a high standard of dry-weather grip, agility and straight-line and cornering stability for motorcyclists to be able to express their full potential. I believe we have achieved this. Irrespective of their level, all those who have tried our new range – be they professionals or occasional riders – agree that the experience permitted by the MICHELIN Power RS tire is unique. The smiles we saw on their faces as they removed their helmets was eloquent testimony of this and the finest reward for our work you could wish for.

Grip performance on dry roads isn’t the only criterion that defines a strong sport road tire. During the MICHELIN Power RS’s development, we also focused on maximising stability and agility, and this necessitated considerable investment in terms of Research and Development. However, this extensive work saw the emergence of highly sophisticated innovations like MICHELIN ACT+ which led to the registration of two patents. MICHELIN ACT+ is probably one of the most significant motorcycle tire innovations since the invention of the radial in 1987. Indeed, innovation is fundamental to Michelin’s philosophy and, in 2015, the Group committed a budget of practically €700 million to R&D, and it is this investment that helped us to explore new opportunities in the world of sport road tires.

There was innovation at every step of the MICHELIN Power RS’s design process, from the development groundwork per se to our manufacturing and testing procedures, as well as the development of MICHELIN ACT+ technology and the adaptation of our production processes to cater for the latest breakthroughs.

Innovation isn’t an end in itself, of course, but it is indispensable if you want to progress, and this is a belief that underpins the Group’s strategy. Anticipating our customers’ future needs and providing them with real answers calls for innovations that are founded on real-world terrains, usages, mobility practices and weather conditions.

In spite of climate differences, the way buyers of sport road tires use their bikes tends to be very similar across the world. Indeed, more than anything else, their aim is to have fun, chiefly in dry weather. Independent testing of the range positioned the MICHELIN Power RS ahead of all its rivals in all the performance-related criteria that customers expect.

Thanks to the MICHELIN Power RS, our objective is to become the number one brand in what is a fast-evolving market, with new, increasingly higher-performance motorcycles being introduced all the time.

The new MICHELIN Power RS range has been available for sale since January and is available in a choice of 13 sizes (four front, nine rear). It consequently covers a particularly broad spectrum of motorcycles, from more powerful bikes, like the 1,000cc machines that are particularly widespread in Europe and North America, to smaller 250cc bikes which are highly popular in South America and southeast Asia. Although needs differ from continent to continent, customers face similar constraints and the MICHELIN Power RS stands out as a pertinent solution for exacting bikers, whatever type of motorcycle they ride.