Michelin presents the X-SUPER TERRAIN + tire

Delivering enhanced safety, greater versatility and improved productivity: the partner to ensure success on large-scale worksites
MICHELIN X SuperTerrain+

Key points

  • Articulated dump trucks operate in difficult conditions, where tires must deliver excellent performance in terms of traction, robustness and reliability.
  • The new MICHELIN X-SUPER TERRAIN + reuses the most outstanding feature of the MICHELIN X-SUPER: its exceptional traction.To futher enhance performance, the new tire also integrates Michelin's latest technological innovations: additional reinforcements and the latestgeneration C2 casing.
  • The use of new, more wear-resistant rubber compounds has increased tire life by up to 15%.

Surface mines, quarries and cement works, as well as infrastructure projects to build motorways, railways or dams, all have something in common. These operations are increasing in number around the world and articulated dump trucks play an essential role in their success, in all cases.

Articulated dump trucks, which can carry payloads that vary from 20 to 50 tonnes, need to be extremely adaptable, versatile and able to carry materials on sometimes difficult terrain, regardless of weather conditions.

Now, both articulated and rigid-frame dump trucks can count on an important ally: the new MICHELIN X-SUPER TERRAIN + tire, which integrates the full range of technological solutions that Michelin provides to operators working in quarries and on large-scale infrastructure projects.

On these sites, as well as in surface mines, tires operate in extremely demanding conditions. Their durability, traction and maneuverability in all working conditions are crucial, as are the reliability and robustness of the machines they equip.

The new MICHELIN X-SUPER TERRAIN + offers three significant gains across the board:

  • Enhanced safety. The new MICHELIN X-SUPER TERRAIN + delivers enhanced safety performance thanks to its reinforced sidewalls. Unlike the previous-generation tire, the tire features a lateral scuff rib.
  • Improved profitability. The new MICHELIN X-SUPER TERRAIN + provides more profitability thanks to its improved resistance to cuts and scrapes and its more durable casing that, combined with a more resistant tread compound, increases the tire’s longevity. The tread of the previous-generation tire, seen as a benchmark, was maintained in the new-generation MICHELIN X-SUPER TERRAIN +. Tire pressure has been increased by 0.5 bar to limit the impact of abrasion. The new MICHELIN XSUPER TERRAIN + also integrates C2 technology, which consists of a newgeneration casing that reduces heat build-up on the shoulders when the tire is in use, thereby increasing tire life, thanks to the use of thicker, corrosion-resistant cables.
  • More respect for the environment. The new MICHELIN X-SUPER TERRAIN + was designed to optimize the amount of material needed in its manufacture, which takes place in ISO1400-certified plants whose environmental impact has been reduced by 16% since 2005. Respecting the environment also meets extending tire life. That’s why Michelin designed the new MICHELIN X-SUPER TERRAIN + to be fully and easily reparable and retreadable.

The new MICHELIN X-SUPER TERRAIN + is currently available in the market’s most popular size, 29.5 R25, as a direct replacement for the MICHELIN X-SUPER TERRAIN, and Michelin teams are already working to develop other tire sizes.

Michelin’s Earthmover operations: Key figures

1 The cost, in million of dollars, of a curing mold in which an Earthmover tire is produced.Manufacturing one of these extremely complex machines can take up to one year.
3,000,000 The distance, in kilometers, covered every year in tests of Earthmover tires conducted at theMichelin research center in Almeria, Spain.
17,000 The number of solar panels installed on the Group’s Earthmover tire plant in Le Puy-en-Velay, France. This is equal to the surface area of three football fields, making it one of the largest solar energy installations on any production plant roof in France. This is just one example of Michelin's environmental stewardship strategy.
14,000 The weight, in kilograms, that the latest-generation MICHELIN X-SUPER TERRAIN + tirecan carry.
5,445 The weight, in kilograms, of the heaviest MICHELIN Earthmover tires.
3,500 The number of people worldwide involved in the Michelin Group’s Earthmover operations.
400 The weight, in tonnes, of a curing press used to mold a MICHELIN Earthmover tire. At the opposite extreme, these tires have a number of features that can be seen only with a microscope.
200 The number of components in an Earthmover tire, which in fact is a truly high-tech product.
100 The weight, in tonnes, that a MICHELIN XDR2 tire can carry.
100 The percentage of MICHELIN Earthmover tires that integrate radial technology.
95 The number of sizes in the Earthmover tire catalogue. They range from 8 inches for forkliftsto 63 inches for dump trucks used in open-pit mines.
46 The number of different tread patterns in the MICHELIN Earthmover tire lineup. A special tire has been developed for each type of use and machine in order to respond more effectively to the full range of operator needs.
7 The number of Michelin Group production facilities around the world that manufactureEarthmover tires.

Michelin’s Earthmover operations: Milestones

1959 : The world’s first radial Earthmover tire is produced.

1977 : Opening of the Michelin testing center in Almeria, Spain. It is the first – and still the only – testing center in the world fully dedicated to Earthmover tires.

1998 : The first low-profile tire for dump trucks is produced. The new tire increases the load capacity of large dump trucks.

2001 : Launch of the MICHELIN XDR 59/80 R 63, the world’s largest tire.

2007 : Introduction of the Michelin Earthmover Management System (MEMS), the first electronic data system for managing Earthmover tires.

2011 : Launch of the MICHELIN XZM2+, a tire specially designed for reach stackers.

2013 : Launch of the MICHELIN X STRADDLE 2, a new generation of tires intended to improve the productivity of marine terminal operations. Launch of the MICHELIN X-SUPER TERRAIN +, the newgeneration tire dedicated to quarries and large-scale worksites.