Michelin launches a free mobile application to calculate agricultural tire pressure in real conditions of use

Better productivity, road safety and soil protection at the push of a button

MICHELIN Pressure Calculator - 2014

Michelin is offering farmers access to an easy-to-use mobile application that features a number of unique functionalities. With the MICHELIN Pressure Calculator, real-time agricultural tire pressure information is just a photo and a couple of clicks away.

Using the MICHELIN Pressure Calculator is a very straightforward 3 steps easy app:

  • Type the load supported by front and rear axle.
  • Enter the type of tire fitted to the front and rear of the tractor using the drop down menus.
  • Take a photo of the tractor with your smartphone. The application’s built-in camera function precisely calculates load distribution and the length of the overhang measured from the wheel axles. This feature is the only one of its kind on the market.

The MICHELIN Pressure Calculator can instantly work out the most appropriate tire pressure for the desired load and speed. This gives farmers the best pressure information possible to help them guarantee road safety as well as soil protection.

The MICHELIN Pressure Calculator mobile application is downloadable for free on Android devices, and will be released on iOS in January 2015. The MICHELIN Pressure Calculator is available in four languages: French, English, German and Spanish.

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