Michelin innovation at Eurosatory

Michelin is significantly reinforcing its dedicated truck and off-road tire range at the 2016 edition of Eurosatory, the international defence and security exhibition, which will be held from 13 to 17 June at Paris Nord Villepinte – France. 




How? By providing its customers in the rough terrain transport sector complete mastery of the conditions, whatever obstacles are encountered. Combining performance, service and user comfort, this renewed product range allows the customer to benefit from the best solution whatever the difficulty encountered.

Innovation is at the heart of Michelin's strategy. Knowing customers’ needs, anticipating them, providing them with ever more suitable responses… So many requirements forming part of the Group's raison d’être: to offer everyone a better way forward.

Mobility is an essential requirement of the armed forces, it constitutes a strategic tool that often dictates the tactics adopted. Troops and their equipment are called on to move over very difficult terrain, including a great variety of obstacles, and this requires great adaptability from equipment at all times. Among the latter the tire is in the front line: it provides vehicles with their direct contact with the ground.

To better support the armed forces in moving towards their future, Michelin has thus devoted its whole innovative power to improving its range of truck and off-road tires. As a result the range that the Group presents to the armed forces is 100% versatile:

  • Ruggedness and traction on rough terrain with the new version of the MICHELIN X® FORCE™ tire, available in four specific versions
  • Zero pressure and puncture problem, minimum servicing and maximum comfort with the advances of the MICHELIN X® TWEEL® range

The MICHELIN truck range in three facts and figures

0 risk The risk of punctures or rapid deflations to which the MICHELIN X® TWEEL® tire is exposed.
4 The special versions of the tires in the MICHELIN X® FORCE™ range: sand, mud, high-speed and long-life.
100 The number of kilometres run by a MICHELIN X® FORCE™ tire after being hit by five bullets.