Michelin extends its MICHELIN PRO4 Endurance range with the addition of a new 28mm version

The MICHELIN PRO4 Endurance range was extended with the introduction of a new 28mm-wide alternative which joins the catalogue alongside the existing 700x23C and 700x25C versions.
MICHELIN Pro 4 Endurance 2015

In addition to delivering the same high performance as the initially available two sizes with regard to puncture protection, longevity and grip, the new, wider version not only provides extra versatility and enhanced ride comfort but also meets the demands made of tires by the latest-generation bikes.

Thanks to the bigger volume of air inside the cover and a minimum pressure of four bar (compared with five and six bar in the case of the 25mm and 23mm versions respectively), the 28mm variant provides greater versatility for use on all types of ground (smooth or granular asphalt, light gravel covering, paving stones), while also improving ride comfort.

At the same time, the 28mm version’s flatter profile reduces rolling resistance at equivalent speeds and pressures, with less energy required to move forward than is the case with the 23mm tire.                                           

Like all the tires that make up the MICHELIN PRO4 Endurance range, the latest addition combines performance and rider safety, and also meets the needs of all cyclists – competitors or otherwise – who place the emphasis on durability. It boasts excellent credentials, too, in the realms of grip and puncture protection, an area in which it offers 40 percent* greater resistance to perforation.

The MICHELIN PRO4 Endurance’s ability to combine high performance and extreme durability is due to two key breakthroughs:

  • A specially-developed dual-compound tread which guarantees high resistance to wear and improved cornering grip. The compound employed for the tire’s shoulders ensures outstanding grip on wet roads, while the central compound provides superior resistance to wear and damage.
  • The combination of the 3X110 TPI casing and the bead-to-bead breaker ensures 40 percent* greater resistance to puncturing and contributes to the tire’s superior longevity.

This wider 28mm size is the new trend in this fast-growing market and answers the demand of technically-minded cyclists for innovative solutions, in perfect keeping with Michelin’s determination to meet the needs of all its customers, even the most exacting.

* Resistance to puncturing an average 40 percent higher than its principal rival. Tests carried out by Wheel Energy using tires marketed in March 2014 (black, 23-622). Resistance to perforation of the MICHELIN Pro4 Endurance’s sidewalls by a 2mm-diameter object 58 percent superior to that of the tire’s principal rival. Resistance to perforation of the MICHELIN Pro4 Endurance’s crown by a 2mm-diameter object 21 percent superior to that of the tire’s principal rival.