Michelin extends Earthmover tire lineup, adding four new 25-inch tire sizes


The new MICHELIN XTXL tire now available in 25-inch

Enhanced safety and productivity in underground mines

Key points

  • Companies operating in underground mines are faced with productivity requirements.
  • Productivity gains are difficult to achieve in a work environmentwhere confinement, heat and debris represent constraining factors.
  • The new MICHELIN XTXL delivers significant safety and productivity gains not only for machines fitted with 33-inch tires but now also for those with 25-inch tires.
  • With increases of 10% in longevity, 20% in puncture resistance, and 30% in load capacity, the gains obtained by the new MICHELIN XTXL (compared with the prior-generation tires) effectively support companies operating in underground mines.

At the MINExpo 2012 trade show, Michelin presented its new generation of tires for underground mines – the MICHELIN XTXL – in size 35/65R33. The new tire owes its name to its exceptional load capacity and durability.

      X for Radial.
      T for Transport.
      XL for Xtra Load and Xtra Life.

In fall 2013, the MICHELIN XTXL tire range is adding two new sizes: 26.5R25 and 29.5R25. This lineup extension means that a wider variety of machines can now be fitted with the high-quality MICHELIN XTXL tire.

  • Improved safety. The MICHELIN XTXL is more resistant to impact, cuts and scrapes and easier to mount on the rim.
  • Enhanced productivity. Its design makes it considerably more robust than the previousgeneration tire for underground mining equipment while its longevity has been increased by at least 10%1. In addition, its load capacity has been increased by up to 30%, meaning that the tire would qualify for a 4-star2 rating.
  • Respect for the Environment. When designing the MICHELIN XTXL, Michelin drew on its vast experience and extensive technological knowledge in order to use as little raw material as possible. At the same time, the tire’s greater longevity provides additional value. In addition, the manufacturing process for Michelin tires has been optimized for greater environmental protection. All Earthmover production plants are ISO 14001-certified and their environmental footprint has been reduced by 22% since 2005.

By extrapolating its 33-inch technology to a 25-inch tire, Michelin has made the MICHELIN XTXL even more effective, with a range of features specially designed to stand up to the difficult operating conditions in underground mines:

  • Recesses have been carved in the shoulder lugs to improve cooling.
  • Protective patches have been placed on the sidewalls to enhance abrasion resistance.
  • The tread features a wide block that increases longevity and protects the casing crown.
  • On theedge and shoulders of the tread, wide grooves and large blocks improve traction on slippery and angular surfaces.

In terms of design, the MICHELIN XTXL tire offers unparalleled resistance in its segment. Its different reinforced steel plies guarantee greater load capacity while decreasing the likelihood of a puncture by 20%3. The enhanced load capacity is due to the larger diameter and enhanced resistance of the metal wires, which enable the tire to operate at higher pressure.

The size 26.5R25 MICHELIN XTXL can carry up to 19,000 kg per axle with tire pressure of 8 bar, whereas the prior-generation MICHELIN XLDD1 tires could carry only 14,500 kg with maximum pressure of 5.5 bar and the MICHELIN XKA could carry no more than 16,500 kg at a maximum pressure of 6.5 bar.

The size 29.5R25 MICHELIN XTXL can carry up to 23,000 kg per axle with tire pressure of 8 bar, whereas the prior-generation MICHELIN XLDD1 and the MICHELIN XKA could carry no more than 17,500 kg at a maximum pressure of 5.5 bar.

Reinforced with B2 technology

Bead wires that are 30% thicker4 make the tire stiffer and reduce shifting on the rim. This greater stiffness enables up to 20% more engine torque to be transmitted to the ground5. A tire that shifts too much on the rim can be irreparably damaged long before it is completely worn. If shifting is reduced as much as possible, tire life can be nearly doubled.

Improving tire longevity reduces the consumption of raw materials, energy and C02 emissions across the entire supply chain, from raw material extraction to tire delivery.

Tire maintenance operations on the dump truck are also reduced, which also has a direct effect on mine productivity.

What’s more, B2 technology is fully compatible with traditional rims and requires no additional operations when mounting or dismounting tires. It even makes mounting easier.

Thanks to this technology, the MICHELIN XTXL has a high ton per kilometer per hour (TKPH) rating of 180 in the 26.5R25 size and 220 in the 29.5R25 size.

Two new sizes for the MICHELIN XADN + tire: 23.5R25 et 26.5R25

Enhanced safety, mobility and versatility on worksites

Key points

  • On large infrastructure worksites as in quarries, vehicles need toprovide mobility all the time, despite changing conditions and difficult terrain.
  • To meet this dual requirement for versatility and mobility, articulated dump trucks must be able to count on tires that are perfectly suited to their needs.
  • That’s the purpose of the MICHELIN XADN + tire, presented last year in size 29.5R25. This year the lineup has been extended to sizes 23.5R25 and 26.5R25.
  • Offering enhanced safety and up to 15% greater longevity compared to the previous-generation XADN, the MICHELIN XADN + helps to improve productivity in quarries and on large infrastructure worksites.

One year after the launch of the new tire for articulated dump trucks operating on worksites and in quarries – the MICHELIN XADN + – in the market’s best-selling 29.5R25 size, Michelin is introducing new tire sizes to meet demand for a wider range of machines.

The new MICHELIN XADN + tire is now available in sizes 23.5R25 and 26.5R25.

With the new sizes, Michelin’s offer covers all types of articulated dump trucks.

The new tire has already demonstrated its appeal to worksite and quarry operators looking for more versatility. Whether for work on motorways or in sandpits, quarries or surface mining operations, the MICHELIN XADN + delivers more performance. As a result, it can deliver significant safety and productivity gains in all types of use.

The MICHELIN XADN + makes operations more productive. It optimizes uptime for articulated dump trucks by providing:

  • Improved safety. Enhanced resistance to sidewall cuts and scrapes thanks to the addition ofa protective belt and a more durable tread with optimized layers on the crown and in the casing maximize the use of articulated dump trucks and their onsite productivity.
  • More profitability. Tire life is extended by up to 15% thanks to a new tread compound and more durable casing.
  • Enhanced environmental performance. Ever faithful to its philosophy of actively supporting more efficient mobility, Michelin has renewed its lineup, offering more performance while reducing its environmental footprint. The new MICHELIN XADN + use 18 kg fewer raw materials6 than the prior-generation MICHELIN XADN. All Michelin Earthmover tires are manufactured in plants certified to ISO 14001 standards. This commitment has enabled the Group’s sites to reduce their environmental footprint by 22% since 2005. What’s more, the MICHELIN XADN + is both reparable and retreadable.

From a technical standpoint, these achievements were attained through the use of C2 technology, which deploys a latest-generation casing that reduces heat buildup when the tire is in use, and to a 0.5-bar increase in operating pressures, which can come to 5 bar for an authorized load of 9,250 kg per axle in size 23.5R25 and 11,500 kg per axle for size 26.5R25.

In addition to these improvements, the new MICHELIN XADN + range offers all the advantages of the MICHELIN XADN, unanimously recognized throughout the industry, including its:

  • Superior floatation and excellent traction on loose soil, thanks to a deeply grooved tread featuring blocks with multiple sipes and offset shoulder blocks.
  • Excellent lateral grip on loose soil and superior self-cleaning capacity throughout the tire’s life.

In quarries as on large worksites, enhanced mobility means greater productivity.

1 In-house Michelin test, compared with a previous-generation MICHELIN XLDD1 tire, used in underground mining conditions.
2 Although the Tire and Rim Association does not yet have a four-star load capacity classification, the MICHELIN XTXL meets
all the necessary criteria if the evaluation grid were to be extended.
3 Same as note 1.
4 Same as note 1.
5 In-house Michelin test, compared with a tire integrating conventional bead wires.
6 For size 29.5R25 tires, representing a weight reduction of 108 kg per machine