Michelin earthmover - Michelin launches the MEMS Evolution3

Michelin launched the MEMS (Michelin Earthmover Management System) Evolution3, an advanced tire-related data sensing and transmission system.


Welcome to the world of gigantism, 200 tonnes trucks worth $3.5 million dollars that carry loads as great as 400 tonnes up steep slopes.

The machines operating in surface mines work under the most difficult and demanding conditions. Here, the slightest problem takes on extreme technical and operational dimensions. For the operators in these mines, equipment downtime is the worst scenario. On these vehicles, changing a tire more than 4 meters tall and weighing 5 tonnes often requires more than 8 hours of work.

3G and new sensors

A pioneer in mining tire monitoring technology with the introduction of the first TPMS (Tire Monito­ring Management Systems), Michelin, with MEMS Evolution3, is fully introducing the communicating tire into the world of mining.

Given the extreme conditions of use, sensor reliability is paramount in the trust that mining operators place in the system.

Given that safety and reliability are core values for Michelin, the Clermont manufacturer followed an integrated approach, by designing the sensors and analytical software itself. There are two sensor models: conventional sensors and sensors for water-ballasted tires with additives, isolated in a capsule filled with an inert liquid.

MICHELIN MEMS Evolution3 offers the following benefits

  • Monitoring of each tire through a unique identifier, which allows analysis throughout its entire life to improve performance in the mine.
  • Real time data recording, allowing reactive monitoring of alarms.
  • Connection and data transfer via 3G or Ethernet
  • Sending of multichannel real-time alerts

Immediate operational benefits

MICHELIN MEMS Evolution3 provides immediate operational gains for surface mine operators. Thanks to their on-going connectivity to the system, tires equipped with MEMS Evolution3 are able to continuously inform operators about their temperature and pressure conditions.

Thus, slow pressure losses are detected and downtime can be anticipated and avoided. Tem­perature increases are reported, which allows operators to change itineraries in real time. If needed, maintenance operations are also more easily foreseen. The effective running time of the trucks is thus increased.

Michelin has provided MEMS Evolution3 with a complete range of services: MEMS engi­neers are present in geographical areas where equipped machinery operates.

MEMS Evolution3 enables mine operators to enter a virtuous circle: increase safety, increase the life of the tires, reduce costs and increase mine productivity.