Michelin creates partnership with BH and BH Sr Suntour KMC to equip the team during the Cross Country World Cup

Guided by the same vision of sports and a shared commitment to innovation, Michelin has signed a contract with bicycle maker BH and BH Sr Suntour KMC, one of the world’s leading cross country teams, whose members include Maxime Marotte, Stéphane Tempier and London Olympic gold medalist Julie Bresset. Under the terms of the agreement, Michelin will supply the team during the 2013 season while also equipping BH mountain bikes with original equipment tires. The goal of Michelin and BH Sr Suntour KMC is to work together on co-development projects.

“Being able to approach racing as a real-life laboratory and to benefit from the expertise of a partner who takes part in the most prestigious events will help us to speed time to market for the new highperformance mountain bike tires,” says Gérard Martin, Director Bicycle Tires, Michelin. “It’s a great advantage for Michelin’s Bicycle Division to be able to test the tires in the most extreme conditions of use while profiting from the experience of the world’s top mountain bikers. Today our objective is to offer the best tires in the market in order to more effectively address the expectations of customers around the world.”

“We are thrilled by this new collaboration with Michelin, which represents a real opportunity for us, our team and our customers,” says BH’s Nicola Yann Vies. “To be able to offer tires developed and tested in real racing conditions is a guarantee of quality and performance, which are two key BH values.”

"We’re always looking to give our riders the best,” says Team Manager Pierre Lebreton. “Maxime Marotte and Stéphane Tempier were very enthusiastic after the first trials conducted with Michelin development teams in late 2012. What’s more, they’re continuing to test the tires and 2013 will be a pivotal year. With the choice of either 26-inch or 29-inch wheels and the arrival of the 650B, it’s even harder to make technical decisions. We too have a lot of things to discover. Michelin’s strong research capabilities have already enabled us to make more rational tire decisions. We’re happy to see that our new partner shares our commitment to finding innovative solutions, not just for the team, but for all mountain bikers as well.”

For 2013 World Cup events, Michelin is providing the team with MICHELIN Wild Grip’R2, MICHELIN Wild Race’R2, Wild Race’R2 Ultimate and Wild Mud tires in 26, 29 and 27.5-inch sizes

Their new treads combined with the innovative Gum-X Series rubber compounds will enable the team to get the most out of their BH Ultimate bikes throughout the racing season.

The MICHELIN Wild Grip’R 2 is the new tire for different types of terrain and use, from cross-country to enduro/all-mountain riding. Thanks to its new Gum-X Series dual compound mixtures and highly innovative tread, it offers superior grip without sacrificing rider output.

The MICHELIN Wild Race’R2 is designed for hardpack terrain. It combines performance, grip and
puncture-resistance in a lightweight tire.

Weighing just 415 grams, the MICHELIN Wild Race’R2 Ultimate delivers exceptional rider output when racing on dry or hardpack terrain.

For muddy terrain riding, the new MICHELIN Wild Mud features a twisted knob pattern that helps evacuate mud lodged in the treads.