Michelin connects the Ford Focus Electric to the road and the digital world

MICHELIN - Ford Focus Electric 2015

The 2015 Ford Focus Electric will not only be connected to the road by its MICHELIN Energy Saver tires but also to the digital world by the MICHELIN guides that are pre-loaded onto its SYNC2 in-car connectivity system.

Every Ford Focus Electric that rolls of the production line will be fitted with 215/55 R 17 MICHELIN Energy Saver tires to offer drivers the optimum combination of safety, comfort and handling, plus the benefit of low rolling resistance to maximise battery life, and therefore driving range.

The MICHELIN Energy Saver tire is the latest generation of the Company’s low rolling resistance tires and it highlights Michelin’s ongoing commitment to its Total Performance strategy by combining numerous performance characteristics such as safety, comfort, handling and low rolling resistance with no negative effects in any other areas.

In terms of Michelin’s digital content on the Ford SYNC2 system, drivers will have access to the Company’s extensive range of European tourist and hotel and restaurant guide information from the famous MICHELIN Green Guides and MICHELIN Guides. This will work in harmony with the on-board navigation system and will mean drivers can plan their itineraries including where to stay, where to eat and even which tourist sites to visit.

Michelin has been a leader in the publication of tourist and culinary guides for more than 100 years and this experience is now reflected in its range of digital solutions available to consumers. And now, drivers of the Ford Focus Electric can also benefit from this extensive experience via its SYNC2 system.