Michelin at SIMA: A world of innovation to meet all your challenges

DP SIMA 2015

At SIMA 2015, Michelin is showcasing its ability to innovate in all areas, ranging from connected services to the invention of new types of tyres.

Farmers are faced with issues that are easy to talk about, but complex to implement: people require food, not only today, but also in the future when there will be more people and less arable land.

In order to increase productivity without jeopardising their soil capital, farmers must evolve and use the most advanced solutions. Michelin has always supported farmers by providing them with the most technologically advanced tyres. The turn of the 1980s was marked by the agricultural radial tyre revolution, a Michelin Group innovation, while the MICHELIN Ultraflex technology has recently completed 10 years and has yet to reach its full potential. Today, tyres with the Michelin Ultraflex technology form a full range, which covers the entire crop cycle, including trailers, and can meet the challenges of pressure regulation.

We derive real satisfaction from seeing that our innovations are appreciated by the agricultural machinery industry. Last year Michelin introduced the MICHELIN BibLoad Hard Surface tyre, whose novel design and tread made it particularly suitable for handling applications. JCB announced today that this tyre will be fitted as original equipment on its compact loaders and telescopic handlers, to offer its customers improved safety and performance.

Michelin also considers digitalisation as an innovation vector. This manufacturer based in Clermont has always considered service to be the tyre's best friend. Since farmers have to meet the demands of their multiple activities simultaneously, they are increasingly using new technologies and connected tools. In order to help get the best out of their tyres manufactured using the MICHELIN Ultraflex technology, Michelin stays close to the farmers: in their pocket, through a smartphone ... Connected MICHELIN applications offer them the best pressure and usage advice in real-time, based on the use and load of their agricultural machines. The QR code embossed on the side of the MICHELIN AxioBib IF 900/65 R46 tyre, the world's largest tractor tyre, will soon allow the owners of high power tractors to register their tyre and benefit from customised services, in order to make optimum use of this giant.

Michelin makes its technology widely available with MICHELIN AxioBib Discovery, the augmented reality application through which it is possible to virtually get inside the tyre and grasp the full complexity of its design. A complexity that is very hard to imagine when looking at the tyre from the outside,

Tyres can also attract attention, like the new MICHELIN LIFEBIB tyre prototype, which can be used throughout the crop cycle, from sowing to harvest.