Michelin and Le Chameau pool their expertise to develop the Cérès collection of natural rubber boots

Michelin and Le Chameau have pooled their skills and capabilities to meet the needs of people living in rural areas by creating a line of high-performance, innovative natural rubber boots. Featuring a highly original sole, the models combine the quality of Michelin's agricultural tires and Le Chameau's unique expertise.

An original sole for boots that meet the needs of rural dwellers

Cérès boots provide grip, comfort and resistance even as they help to protect the soil. They are able to achieve this kind of performance thanks to a unique, lugged sole directly inspired by the tread of MICHELIN agricultural tires, which deliver superior grip, enhanced soil protection and greater longevity.


This original sole offers the following benefits:

1. Grip

  • Enhanced grip thanks to a bigger contact sole.
  • Constant contact with the ground when walking.

2. Comfort

  • A self-cleaning system that dislodges earth whenever the foot flexes.
  • The traditional Le Chameau fit.

3. Resistance

  • To wear, thanks to lugs that distribute pressure evenly.
  • To cuts and scrapes.

Michelin and Le Chameau: experts in rubber

A maker of superior footwear since 1927, Le Chameau uses natural materials, especially rubber, to manufacture its boots, shoes and apparel for the great outdoors.

Reflecting a respect for tradition and an appreciation of fine craftsmanship, Le Chameau handmade boots display the excellence and know-how that have set the standard among connoisseurs for more than 85 years.

Founded in 1889, Michelin is a leading tire manufacturer and top-ranked in agricultural tires. MICHELIN tires consistently deliver safety, endurance and energy efficiency. What’s more, they all provide superior grip, as evidenced by this 1905 advertising poster.

MICHELIN Semelle Publicité

The Cérès collection

Leather boot

This boot combines the comfort of a Le Chameau leather-lined boot and the performance of a sole co-developed with Michelin. Featuring a curved, reinforced bootleg with stitched leather trim, the boot provides optimal comfort for regular use in all types of activities and weather conditions.
Suggested retail price: €269

Jersey-lined boot

Lined with jersey, this boot also has an extra large curved shape with wide calf girth. It is exceptionally comfortable as well as lightweight and resistant. Thanks to a sole that integrates Michelin technology, the boot can be used for all sorts of outdoor work.
Suggested retail price: €89

Jersey-lined ankle boot

Light, resistant, convenient and comfortable, this ankle boot is designed for everyday professional use. A sole integrating Michelin technology further enhances the boot’s performance.
Suggested retail price: €79

Jersey-lined brodequin

This boot combines the comfort of a Le Chameau brodequin-style boot with an innovative sole co-developed with Michelin. It has laces that hold it firmly to the foot and a waterproof tongue.
Suggested retail price: €99