Michelin Presents the MICHELIN CargoXBib Heavy Duty tire and its new websites dedicated to agricultural tires

Michelin has developed the new MICHELIN CargoXBib Heavy Duty tire for farmers looking reliability and stability while using heavily loaded agricultural trailers on road and in the fields. The trailer tire MICHELIN CargoXBib Heavy Duty gives farmers professional efficiency and comfort. This new generation tire extends the MICHELIN CargoXBib range and is an additional offer to the MICHELIN CargoXBib High Flotation with MICHELIN Ultraflex technology.

MICHELIN CargoXBib Heavy Duty - 2015

When compared with the previous generation of trailer tires, the MICHELIN CargoXBib Heavy Duty tires stand out thanks to its versatility which makes it the perfect implement for on road and in the fields works. The tire carcass and profile have been especially designed to optimise longevity and driver comfort on roads. In fields, the MICHELIN CargoXBib Heavy Duty tire stands out thanks to its excellent slope handling and its high load capacity (of up to almost 8330 kg by tire). Finally, the tire clearing system has been improved and can be three times faster than for the previous generation of MICHELIN CargoXBib tires.

The performances of the new MICHELIN CargoXBib Heavy Duty tire are the result of the following technological developments:

  • The "Tripod" tread block: the new multi-sided "Tripod" improve stability on roads and in fields, optimise resistance to wear and enhance the tire life cycle.
  • The alignment of the "Tripod" tread blocks and their alternative headlines facilitates mud eviction. Tread block linkages limit wear caused by twisting.
  • Massive rounded shoulders protect the vegetation and simplify handling on hard ground.
  • Tread design is flat and large so the contact patch has been optimised.

The new MICHELIN CargoXBib Heavy Duty tire was designed in partnership with equipment manufacturers, and will be sold as OEM. The tire is available for skips and high-density presses, in three sizes:

  • 560/60 R22.5 (available from November 2015)
  • 560/45 R22.5 (available from July 2016)
  • 500/60 R22.5 (available from August 2016)

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