Michelin 2015: Michelin’s new Hypersport and Track tire moto ranges designed to set lap times tumbling!

Michelin, which will become the official tire supplier to teams competing in the MotoGP World Championship from 2016, celebrates its return to top flight bike racing with the launch this year of six new Hypersport and Track tires for four distinct types of use.

MICHELIN Hypersport Mugello 2015

MICHELIN Power SuperMoto, MICHELIN Power Slick Ultimate, MICHELIN Power Cup Ultimate, MICHELIN Power Slick Evo, MICHELIN Power Cup Evo and MICHELIN Power SuperSport Evo tires encapsulate the innovations and technologies that allow Michelin to offer highly demanding users top levels of performance and safety.

These ranges, which target experienced racers and amateurs looking to bring down their lap times, have been overhauled in depth.

They are the fruit of three years’ work in close collaboration with experts from Michelin Motorsport and notably incorporate Michelin’s racing expertise in the field of compounds. Their development called extensively on Michelin Motorsport’s input during the testing phase to which a broad panel of experienced riders also contributed.

The challenge was to consolidate into four families of “very high performance” tires the requirements of as many types of use in extreme conditions.  A complex undertaking when this means avoiding the pitfall of a tire that is efficient but sometimes difficult to get used to.  A tricky approach when it meant translating the feeling perceived on the machine into technical solutions able to enhance the confidence of the racer.  Refined analysis of our understanding of usage and every facet of user impressions, as well as the lessons learned directly from racing, have made this new range possible.

The high expectations for this segment come together in the MICHELIN “Hypersport” and “Track” ranges. They bring not only very advanced technological expertise, but also the objective of some of these tires is to simplify their use and handling ability.  For example, for the MICHELIN Power Slick Evo and MICHELIN Power Cup Evo ranges there is only one highly-versatile rubber compound that now replaces the three different versions necessary up to now.  The innovative MICHELIN ACT (“Adaptive Casing Technology”) has made a significant contribution to this breakthrough.

To ensure a good level of service and advice, the MICHELIN Power Slick Ultimate and MICHELIN Power Cup Ultimate ranges are to be sold via a specialist distribution network by the Motorsport Department.  Intended for top racers, these two ranges call for dedicated assistance and support.  The other ranges, however, will be sold by dealers throughout the world. 

For Michelin, sharing its passion for the track and racing with its consumers cannot be restricted to bringing out one or more ranges.  The marketing of new ranges in 2015 will form part of a more global approach, aimed at assisting consumers before, during and after their experience on the track.  Recommendations and advice, greater presence on tracks, work with professional racer coaches, performance measurement tools and MICHELIN.

Moto Challenge are all plus points to enable all racers to take their passion to the limits on the track alongside Michelin.