MICHELIN unveils new MICHELIN ROADBIB agricultural tire

MICHELIN presents the latest addition to its agricultural tire range, the MICHELIN ROADBIB, a tire co-designed with agricultural contractors and which defines a brand new segment of the market. This is the first solution on the market for 200+HP tractors, designed specifically for farm contractors with intensive road use, demanding high performance, longevity and also traction.



The high powered tractor fleets of farm and construction contractors spend more than 50 per cent of their time on the road – equivalent to 80 per cent of their distance travelled, and are very often coupled to heavy trailers. This was the challenge for Michelin's R & D engineers; to propose a solution that would work on mainly hard and aggressive soil roads, giving high traction and longevity whilst also working well in the fields on soft soil.

The MICHELIN ROADBIB tire is a revolutionary new tread design; the first time MICHELIN has produced an agricultural tire which is not a traditional lugged tire. It comprises 52 blocks to maximize traction combined with a central spine, to give 40 per cent rubber in contact with the road surface (+60 per cent versus a traditional agricultural lugged tire*), a high level of comfort and an extended life of +25 per cent*. So in a situation where a traditional agricultural tire would give 4000 hours, a MICHELIN ROADBIB tire would promise 5000 hours.

Having been specifically designed for intensive use on roads and offering a tire life much higher than traditional agricultural tires, this bold new solution promises contractors tire longevity and reduced costs whilst giving high traction in fields.

Presented for the first time at the European Drivers' Championship 2017, the MICHELIN ROADBIB tire will be available in size 600 / 70R30 at the front and 710 / 70R42 at the rear, in the first quarter of 2018.

*internal Michelin testing at Ladoux 2016/7 compared to MACHXBIB