MICHELIN reveals a new generation of rdt MICHELIN® X®TRA LOAD tires

The first ever ‘3 star’ 24.00R35 tires on the market – a new tire range for 40 to 80 ton payload rigid dump trucks (RDTs) with an increased load capacity, an improvement in tire life and a big productivity increase through an improved TKPH/TMPH.


The new MICHELIN® X®TRA LOAD tire :

  • MICHELIN® X®TRA LOAD GRIP – for soft, loose, muddy ground conditions – as often experienced in mining and quarrying operations on slopes/ inclines, where the priority is high grip and traction.
  • MICHELIN® X®TRA LOAD PROTECT – for hard, sharp abrasive conditions on flat, dry surfaces – where the priority is protection and damage resistance, such as quarries and construction sites.

With the two tread compounds (A4 and B) this means a simplified range for users and easier stock management for dealers. The evolution in the Michelin offer is as below:

  • XDTA4** replaced by X®TRA LOAD GRIP A4***
  • XDTB** / X-TRACTION SC replaced by X®TRA LOAD GRIP B***
  • X-QUARRY S** replaced by X®TRA LOAD PROTECT A4***
  • X-HAUL** replaced by X®TRA LOAD PROTECT B***


1 Previously most 24.00R35 tires carried a ** rating; the X®TRA LOAD is the first carrying a *** rating. Star rating is the industry indicator of load capacity for a given dimension - Tire and Rim Association.

2 Tons Kilometre / Miles per Hour