MICHELIN publishes a new collection of attractive books devoted to getaways

With this new collection, Michelin invites readers to discover France and Europe through two colorful, photo-filled books. Entitled Escapades en Europe and Escapades en France, they feature hundreds of destinations organized by theme, with a magazine-type format for easy reading. The books are available in French only.

MICHELIN beaux livres - 2014

Escapades en Europe

A weekend getaway in Europe is an opportunity to hear lilting accents, drive on the left, sample surprising tastes and flavors, and experience life at a different pace. It’s a change of air that provides a host of memories, whether travelling as a couple, with the family or among friends. Europe has the dual advantage of being close and extremely varied. All major cities are easily accessible by plane or train, thereby ensuring a change of scene just a few hours from home.

These 52 getaway ideas have been developed based on the expertise of the Michelin Green Guide collection. The authors traveled throughout Europe and selected the most beautiful sites that are “worth the trip” (3 stars) or “worth a detour” (2 stars). The books feature a broad range of cities, monuments and landscapes as well as traditions, important events and an incomparable array of gourmet delights. In full color and illustrated with many photographs, the 360-page book features 52 cities, regions or islands in 25 countries.

Escapades en France

There are many reasons to get away from it all. Readers may be curious to discover a little-known destination or explore a part of France that they have often wanted to visit. This book is designed to help travelers identify what they want to do while inspiring them with new ideas. Depending on the season and their mood, tourists can choose between historic monuments, the countryside, the sea, the mountains, or the hustle and bustle of a major city like Paris, Marseille, Lyon or Bordeaux.

The 52 getaway ideas are based on the tireless experience of the authors of the Green Guide collection, who have traveled throughout France to help readers discover its marvels. Each destination is ranked using a star system, organized by theme and presented in six to eight pages. Ranging from Aix-en-Provence to the Sologne, the Luberon, and the Côte Basque, the destinations are ideal for weekend or getaway trips.