MICHELIN and Safran present the first connected tyre for aircraft

At the 2017 Paris – Le Bourget Air Show, MICHELIN and Safran present the world’s first connected tyres for the aeronautical industry. The innovation, called ‘PresSense’ comprises an electronic pressure sensor installed within the tyre to greatly improve and simplify ground maintenance operations.


The result of a collaboration between MICHELIN and Safran over two years, PresSense is a wireless solution that functions as an embedded system. The electronic pressure sensor in the tyre collects information on the inflation pressure. The digital data is transferred remotely, without any intervention on the tyre, by a reader connected to a smartphone, and then to the maintenance database. A much simpler process than conventional maintenance which requires manual pressure collection through the wheel valve and a manometer – quite an operation when inflation pressures exceed 200 psi (15 bar).

We are pleased to partner with Michelin, the tyre industry leader, truly experienced in tyre innovation and connectivity. Together we will be able to offer our customers a reliable, efficient and time-saving solution.

Vincent Mascré, CEO of Safran Landing Systems

The collaboration between the teams of Michelin and those of Safran, leader in aircraft landing systems and an expert on embedded aeronautical systems, has been decisive. PresSense represents a real technological innovation, answering our clients’ needs.

Frank Moreau, President of Michelin Aircraft Tyre

The deployment of the PresSense project is scheduled for 2019.