MICHELIN and ROPA receive the Innovation Award at Agritechnica for their R-Soil Protect project

A major step in soil protection through a new tire using low pressure MICHELIN Ultraflex technology combined with an innovative hydraulic suspension system.


ROPA, a manufacturer of agricultural machines and beet harvesters and tire manufacturer Michelin were awarded the silver medal in the ‘Innovation’ category for their R-Soil Protect technology by the organizer of Agritechnica, the largest agricultural show in the world, which will take place in Hannover, Germany from 10-14 November 2015.
This innovative technology allows both the reduction of ground pressure and better distribution of the load with the common goal of Michelin and ROPA to ensure the sustainability of crop production and protection of the soil.
A beet harvester using the R-Soil Protect technology can work in the fields with a tire pressure of 1.4 bar. This represents a reduction of 1 bar in operating pressure compared to an equivalent machine fitted with standard tires.
The principle of this collaboration between Michelin and ROPA is a hydraulic three-axle chassis which constantly spreads the load and avoids pressure peaks. The connection with the ground is provided by 1000/55 R32 MICHELIN CerexBib IF CFO tires which are equipped with MICHELIN Ultraflex technology and designed to work in the field at very low pressure.

R-Soil Protect technology developed by Michelin and ROPA brings the following five benefits:

  • Better soil protection by only exerting 1 bar of pressure on the ground at the rear axle.
  • Automatic load levelling through 6 hydraulic cylinders and sensors, maintaining a horizontal attitude on gradients of up to 10 per cent.
  • Stability and a uniform tension, reducing the risk of rutting.
  • A 49 per cent increase in the ground contact area of the tire.
  • A reduction in pressure peaks of 8 per cent on the front axle of the machine, 37 per cent on the second axle and 43 per cent on the third axle.

A tire which will have its world premiere at Agritechnica 2015, the MICHELIN CerexBib IF 1000/55 R32 CFO will be presented on both the Michelin and ROPA booths at Agritechnica 2015. This is the biggest harvester tire using MICHELIN Ultrafllex technology. Compared to the previous generation, it can carry up to 23 per cent more load at a pressure that is 1 bar lower.

New generations of three-axle beet harvesters weighing over 60 tonnes loaded, and the new MICHELIN CerexBib 1000/55 IF R32 CFO tire ensure mobility while preserving soils. This is a major technological feat.