MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy rated AAA in rolling resistance


With more than 200,000 tires sold since January 2013, the new MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy range has proven its ability to deliver meaningful fuel savings to long-haul truckers.

Today, Michelin is taking this ability to a whole new level by launching the market’s first drive tire rated “A” in rolling resistance under EU labeling rules and a front tire also rated “A” in energy efficiency. The new models have extended a range whose trailer tire is also rated “A”.

In this way, truckers can opt for the market’s first fitting that has earned a “Triple A” rating in rolling resistance on every axle. Compared with the MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy tires rated BBA, these new models will help to save up to one liter of fuel per 100 km, thereby avoiding the emission of 2.66 kg of CO2 over the same distance.

This represents an average €1,610 reduction in the fuel bill over the initial life of the tires (i.e. before any regrooving or retreading). Moreover, these gains are delivered while maintaining Michelin performance in other areas such as safety and mileage.

These fittings embody Michelin’s commitment to offering transportation professionals real-world solutions that create value in their business operations and improve their environmental footprint.