MICHELIN X Multi Energy tire fuel saving for regional transport

Completing the tyre range for regional haulage operations, Michelin launches the X Multi Energy, a tyre which along with X Multi, replaces the X Multiway 3D and offers a distinct product choice for Regional haulage operators – fuel saving priority or longevity priority.



This industry leading performance is the result of three Michelin innovative technologies: Infinicoil, Regenion and Powercoil which feature in both the drive axle and all-round tyre fitments.

  • Infinicoil is a continuous steel wire, up to 400 metres long, wrapped around the tyre to provide greater tread stability and results in enhanced fuel savings, and increased tyre life.
  • Regenion technology (a result of intricate 3D metal printed moulds) produces regenerating tread blocks which evolve as the tyre wears. This maintains the void ratio in the tread pattern, and consequently the water clearing capability and grip throughout the tyre’s life.
  • Powercoil is the new generation of more robust steel casing cables; these are lighter and provide better endurance and help reduce the rolling resistance.