MICHELIN Track Connect

The first connected tyre on the market to enhance your circuit driving experience



Michelin is using the power of digital technology to deliver a premium customer experience by providing connected solutions for Earthmover, Aviation and Truck tires. Today Michelin further improves the experience associated with tires: namely kilometers run, landings, tons transported... In practical terms, this
experience is due to the permanent monitoring of the tire condition: wear, pressure, temperature and mileage from sensors installed in tires.

In April, with MICHELIN Track Connect, Michelin will become the fi rst manufacturer to sell a connected solution for the private car tire sector.

Co-developed with genuine driving enthusiasts during an 18-month lab workshop.

Keeping to the objective of improving the effi ciency of its mobility solutions, Michelin decided to reach out to enthusiastic consumers, members of sports car clubs, in order to understand what improvements they would wish to see in the behaviour of their vehicles, and how to enhance their performance and their driving pleasure.