MICHELIN TIRE CARE, the power of digital technology for the haulage industry


MICHELIN Tire Care - 2015

« The Michelin Group launches MICHELIN TIRE CARE, the first suite of digital and connected solutions for hauliers. The power of digital technology will help simplify the lives of hauliers, and in particular their maintenance operations, making their activities more reliable, increasing safety and reducing theiroperating costs.

MICHELIN TIRE CARE is all about collecting and recovering, in a reliable, automatic, simple, rapid and relevant fashion, all information concerning the tires on a fleet of vehicles. All this organised intelligence will have an immediate impact on the operations of hauliers and on their results. This information will be accessible via a medium suited to individual users: smartphone, PC or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

In Europe, Michelin will be offering three solutions tailored to haulier’s needs. These are: TireLog, a digital pocket logbook, which is simple and practical; iCheck, for predictive tire diagnostics; and iManage, which combines individual maintenance and traceability for each tire, because each tire is connected.

The new digital solutions from Michelin represent a major innovation in the world of transport. They take their place in a proud history stretching back 125 years in the service of the customer. The Michelin Group founders had already understood, way back in 1890, that mobility would contribute to the well-being of mankind. These were the grounds for Michelin’s investment in innovation and quality. Since then, Michelin has continually made its contribution to developing mobility, in order to make it safer,
more efficient and simpler, as well as more environmentally-friendly.

One of the telling characteristics of the Michelin Group is that it has built itself up and developed around the notion of mobility-related services. Beyond the tire, Michelin has always been there to support people on their journeys and the new MICHELIN TIRE CARE digital solutions tie-in perfectly with this strategy. Michelin is underpinning its role as a business partner by providing hauliers with efficient solutions to make their lives easier and improve their operational efficiency. Better maintenance, better monitoring, better traceability and better business coordination: with the MICHELIN TIRE CARE digital solutions, detailed truck tire management will mean getting the best out of tires and not just be a matter of fitting them and removing them from a vehicle.

Thanks to these digital innovations from Michelin, we are entering into a new era, where the logic of preventive maintenance largely takes the place of the curative maintenance that currently prevails. »

Serge LAFON, Executive Vice President Truck Product Line worldwide