MICHELIN S.O.S GRIP®: the new high-performance, easy-to-fit snow sock

Since November 1, motorists are able to purchase the new, high-performance, easy-to-fit MICHELIN S.O.S. GRIP® snow sock for safe driving on snow and ice.



MICHELIN S.O.S. GRIP® is an approved solution ideally suited to use in emergency situations on snow-covered or icy roads. 

It is effortlessly easy to fit in less than two minutes and the structural design of its exclusive MICHELIN textile ensures outstanding grip and traction. 

When it comes to grip, the ultra-absorbency of the textile ensures a level of performance on a par with that of snow chains. Tests* effectively reveal that MICHELIN S.O.S. GRIP® significantly improves traction, braking performance and lateral grip on packed snow compared with a tire with no sock fitted.

Moreover, MICHELIN S.O.S. GRIP® comes with Night Vision Security reflectors to improve the vehicle’s visibility in darkness. Both ESP- and ABS-compatible, this new snow sock is vibration-free.

Last but not least, MICHELIN S.O.S. GRIP® is available in a selection of 10 different sizes which cover more than 90 percent of vehicles on the road, from small city cars to 4x4s and large family saloons.